Wednesday, February 29, 2012

korean made gaiwan

a few months ago i took a stroll around an area called nampodong (남포동). i stepped into a small teaware shop to see if i might find a gift for my assistant. luckily i found a well priced korean made gaiwan (개완). so well priced, decided to buy two, one for him and one for myself.

once the winter break came i went back up north to seoul, where i live, and since then haven't used my new gaiwan. i just returned to busan for the spring semester and am REALLY enjoying the use of this set. the thing i like most about it, at this point, is how light and comfortable the cup feels in the hand. because it takes on a more "korean" design, it automatically appears to maybe carry a bit more weight. this is not the case as it provides a similar feel to the chinese made gaiwan.

from what i get from this mark is the chinese word of "bi/비" : 건줄:비 as in "compare". i'm going off an internet search for this word so it could be incorrect...

the cup has already developed some tea oil stains

i have another gaiwan (chinese made) that was purchased back in september of 2011 which, to me, doesn't take on as much practicality as this korean made piece. as the korean piece is a nice feel in the hand, it incorporates a smart "streamer" at the lip with grooves to allow the tea to flow effortlessly into the cup. with that, the lid fits almost flush, but because of the grooved lip, the tea still pours well. my chinese made gaiwan, on the other hand, incorporates the grooves at the lid and are much more spaced apart (giving to more leave departure at the pour). also maybe due to my elementary pouring technique, the chinese gaiwan is not yet as comfortable to pour as i tend to spill tea more generously. i also wonder if it is because i have more of a korean tea drinking culture in me which prefers a bit more cleaner dispensing of tea.

i believe the script is simply the company which made the cup


Matt said...


What kind of balhyocha are you drinking?


Gabe Fife said...

This was a hong cha my good friend brought back from china...I've been quite pleased with it and with every bowl am given a surge if what tastes like genuine earth

Matt said...


Thanks a lot for the offer of samples.

You can send them to:

Matthew Norick
#6-1221 Rockland Ave
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8V 3J1
Phone #: 1-250-661-7472