Friday, December 23, 2011

청옥 다기 Cheongmok Tea Set

for my birthday i was given a gift certificate to a large department store and took the opportunity to purchase a tea set. usually at department stores EVERYTHING is way over-priced and not worth the money. With a 100,000 won gift certificate i wasn't about to waste it on overly priced clothes, so i thought i'd purchase a tea set that i'd actually get some use out of.

the set i picked up has the same design as a individual tea cup strainer set that i acquired through my mother-in-law. the single person cup set i have is designed with a grey floral imprint (wording?) and is NOT glazed, keeping the more stone-ish look and feel to the cups. this not being glazed allows the tea oils to stain the cup quite easily and from what i have been told, can even sink in the flavors of the teas into the cup (my tongue is not so fine to notice yet).

the underside of the lid showing the clay exposed (not glazed)

today's purchase shows the same floral design. i am not sure if it is actually made by the same person or if it was made by a student of the person who makes this floral design.

here is the pot's underside and the character imprint of the apparent artist

and the top view of the pot

a look inside

i was told by the store assistant that it is designed by an artist named 청옥선생님 (mr./teacher (assuming) Cheongok). i have seen this same design at a number of other department stores and can't be sure if it is a quality piece or not. it's quite a pleasing set to look at and is comfortable in the hand and pours well.


Matt said...

Gabe Fife,

Sorry about the late reply.

Don't know the maker or artist of this set. It looks very clean, maybe electric fired, maybe mass produced? The grey colour is humble while the floral design is simple, classic, and the focal point of the piece.

The floral style closely emulates the floral designs found on Pak Ji Style and Meon Sang Cham Style bowls. The fact that the base colour is grey and the floral outline is white suggests that this design is a throw back to the Meon Sang Cham style.


Gabe Fife said...

i would also agree that in a sense it is mass produced. i have seen it at a number of department stores. when i bought it, it was the only one on display, so i wouldn't say it is one that is sold often.

the post above on the "single person" set actually has a different name print on the bottom of the base. it is actually written in with a permanent marker and not engraved. when i get someone who can read chinese i will disclose the name.

i enjoy both designs, but do hope to obtain a piece made directly from an artist that is known to be made through more traditional methods.