Friday, December 30, 2011

개인 다기: One-person tea set

here is my one-person / personal tea set. it bares the striking resemblance to my 청옥 cheonok designed three cup tea set. the name at the bottom of this one is different and does not appear to say "청옥", so i'll have to do some dictionary searching to figure this one out

Friday, December 23, 2011

청옥 다기 Cheongmok Tea Set

for my birthday i was given a gift certificate to a large department store and took the opportunity to purchase a tea set. usually at department stores EVERYTHING is way over-priced and not worth the money. With a 100,000 won gift certificate i wasn't about to waste it on overly priced clothes, so i thought i'd purchase a tea set that i'd actually get some use out of.

the set i picked up has the same design as a individual tea cup strainer set that i acquired through my mother-in-law. the single person cup set i have is designed with a grey floral imprint (wording?) and is NOT glazed, keeping the more stone-ish look and feel to the cups. this not being glazed allows the tea oils to stain the cup quite easily and from what i have been told, can even sink in the flavors of the teas into the cup (my tongue is not so fine to notice yet).

the underside of the lid showing the clay exposed (not glazed)

today's purchase shows the same floral design. i am not sure if it is actually made by the same person or if it was made by a student of the person who makes this floral design.

here is the pot's underside and the character imprint of the apparent artist

and the top view of the pot

a look inside

i was told by the store assistant that it is designed by an artist named 청옥선생님 (mr./teacher (assuming) Cheongok). i have seen this same design at a number of other department stores and can't be sure if it is a quality piece or not. it's quite a pleasing set to look at and is comfortable in the hand and pours well.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

bamboo puerh : 죽통차

first fragrance from the bamboo shoot is not so strong as before. the original fragrance was quite strong with a more charcoal smell.

upon first rinsing, the fragrance is immediate and gives a slight chocolate scent, but is quite lucid.

the first real draw is followed by by the chocolate scent but infused with a hint of citrus-like representation. the initial taste is light and i am a bit surprised as this was quite the strong drink before. anticipating more character upon the second draw.

second steeping does not produce the smokey taste...

third comes along and awakes the smokey taste, it's a nice reminder of the earlier taste i experienced about 2 months ago...

i'll enjoy this one myself now as it has been quite some time since drinking this tea...

Monday, December 12, 2011

5 year aged korean tea pot

almost five years ago, during a summer research trip, i took the initiative to purchase my first tea set. before this purchase i was teaset as a gift, however at the time i was sure the giftset was not of original craftsmanship (made by a large korean porcelain group "haengnam: new c'est bien".

after my first tea visit with brother anthony (aka: an sonjae) he gave me the kind recommendation to visit a small tea shop (gwicheon/귀천) of which was managed by a famous poet's ( Ch'on Sang-pyong: 천상병) wife (mok sun ok:목순옥). the tea shop's name, gwicheon, was named after one of his poems.

after making my way to the teashop and enjoying a few cups of green tea, i asked ms. mok if she could recommend a place to purchase a korean made tea set. she kindly took me outside and directed me around the corner to a shop that sold mostly tea-ware. the tea set included the tea dispensing pot and five cups . i also purchased some other useful tea utensils that are still in good use today. the tea pot is one of which i am unsure of the maker, however a symbol, of which appears to be a mountain. is provided at the pot's bottom and of each serving cup.

here is a photo showing the spout which was broken and repaired.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

East and West: A Taekwondo Journey by Grand Master Jae Kyun Shin (신재균)

I just received a book gift in the mail from my Grand Master's son and current President of the Oregon Taekwondo Association, Chief Master Rick W. Shin. The book is an autobiography of Grand Master(GM) Shin, highlighting his international adventures of introducing taekwondo to the Kingdom of Nepal and Bhutan in the early 1980s.

I always heard, by mouth, the great things that GM Shin did for taekwondo and Nepal (numerous world medals, including Olympic, World University, and Asian Games medals), but it's now that I have the great adventures to read about the details of his failures and successes.

I will attempt to provide a segmental review of my take on the book. I say segmental as I am unsure if doing a chapter-by-chapter review will be possible.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Here I am on the number 2 line headed to bucheon. It's been four months since moving to Korea. After finishing my Master's degree at UD, my wife and I made the decision to move to Korea and make it our home, permanently. I have applied to two doctoral studies programs in exercise and sport science here in Seoul and will begin studies in September.

Being here in Korea is really a dream come true and this dream source can be tracked back to a 2008 may entry about my thoughts for doing doctoral studies in Korea.

Since our arrival I have been making money through teaching English. I was referred to a position teaching pre-school aged kids at a college educational program and it's really a good job. I work about 25 hours per week and make a decent salary with a small studio apartment provided by the university.

In the coming summer months I loo forward to what the Lord has in store.