Thursday, September 30, 2010

europe research activities come to a close

my wife and i finally got back home after a long 6 weeks of travelling through europe. we started our journey in london where we stayed for about 10 days. in london i collected data at london south bank university with some british national tkd team members. we had 12 subjects in total and were able to process and analyze the results in time to submit an abstract to the ioc world conference on prevention of injury and illness in sport.

after london we went to my colleague's parents' place in dublin where we took some rest and processed our data. we also got a good look around dublin and some nature scenes.

our biggest data collection stint was in spain (near murcia) where we collected data on 60 some subjects. i plan to use all the data for my master's research project and produce some full publications in the coming months. our last stop was in poland where i attended the 2nd world congress on combat sports and martial arts. i presented the results of our pilot study that took place at seoul national university.

all in all the project went well. there were many ups and downs but all came to the end of a good result.