Thursday, July 8, 2010

소나무 찻상: pine tea table

ever since my interest in the korean way of tea i have been longing for a good natural tea table like that used in korean tea houses. traditional korean furniture boasts in its ability to bring out the nature of the wood, without complexing the wood work with exotic treatment oils or chemicals. it is most important for the wood's beauty to be expressed and a table with these characteristics is quite expensive to come by, especially if a professional korean carpenter does the work...unless you convince a university groundsman to cut you a slab of wood!

this morning i was considering a drive out to the countryside to ask someone with extra wood on their property to cut me a piece. just as i pulled in to my driveway to drop off my wife and make my way out to the rural areas of newark, i spotted a groundsman cutting down a tree. i walked up to him and asked for him to cut me a one meter slab of wood. he obliged and i bought him and his co-workers cold water and i had my self a nice pine tea table!

i spent the next hour or so sanding down the top surface with a sand drill and now am sitting in front of a potentially great piece of natural korean style furniture.

i am now looking forward to learning about how to best treat the wood in a natural way as the korean way of furniture making calls for