Thursday, June 24, 2010

update on studies

the last few months have been very progressive and at times worrisome on the research end of things. because of our pilot study during the winter in seoul our methods are pretty much set with a few adjustments due to the agreement to collect all of our data in europe at various locations. the only thing remaining in preparation for summer data collection has been funding. the more i progress in this project and anticipate doctoral studies the more i realize how important ample funding is.

over the course of 10 months my advisor and i have applied for five different sources of funds. out of the five we have secured three and each of the three were awarded in the full amount available for request. in total we were awarded with 7,500 USD for the duration of our summer data collection. 500 $ of the funding is actually specifically for attending one conference in poland but nonetheless will help in our overall research effort to make known our results. one of our funding sources is from the university (largest source) and another is a national grant awarded for the second largest amount of funding. the third is also a university award and is to be used for attending the conference in poland.

it is really humbling and amazing to realize how expanded our research effort will be internationally. our first stop will be in london which should be about 3-4 days of data collection. after collecting data in london my colleague and i, along with my wife, plan to make our way for 1-2 days in dublin to visit my colleague's family. after that we plan to be working tirelessly on processing the paris! we may also have a few days before our murcia spain data collection session where we can process our london data in maybe madrid or barcelona. the specific of where we will spend time processing have not been determined but we will consider costs above all.

the last leg of data collection will be in near konstanz germany at the taekwondo competence center in friedrichshafen. the tcc is the national taekwondo training center for the german team and also serves a primary place for scientific development of taekwondo in germany. i have been told that konstanz is a beautiful place and the surrounding area near lake constance is one of the most popular vacation spots in germany, especially in the summer.

our last stop will be in rzeszów poland where i will be giving an oral presentation at the 2nd world scientific congress of combat sports and martial arts. my topic of discussion will be that from our winter pilot study conducted in seoul.

we now have about 1 month before we leave (aug 4) and our time in europe (1.5 months) will be amazing to say the least.