Friday, April 2, 2010

update on activities

this past week during the spring break has been pretty active for me in regards to my research project. last week i submitted my thesis proposal document to my advisor but actually made some changes after refining the specific aims and independent variables that really helps the project to be more focused.

also on wednesday we submitted an application for the nata osternig master's grant program. the total amount of funding available in this grant is 1,000$. it is not as much as the GUR grant that we were awarded but any amount will help our efforts.

also this last week was the approval of our abstract to the 2nd world scientific congress of combat sports and martial arts. our submission was accepted for an oral presentation and the congress will be held from september 17-19 of this year in Rzeszów (Poland).

i am very excited for this opportunity and will be praying for funding to allow for the trip. last year when i attended a similar congress in viseu portugal it was kind of a last minute preparation for the abstract and i ended up being awarded the alumni enrichment award at UD for $650 which really helped. i am hoping for a similar funding opportunity or something better.