Friday, March 26, 2010

thesis proposal document finished

i just submitted my thesis proposal document to my advisor via email.

my scheduled oral proposal is april 16th.

on another note, we did not get awarded the global grant. we think it's due to a lack of funds form the international department.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

continued funding push

after the other week when hearing that our research project is to be funded under the GUR grant program we were quite relieved. however, we still have needs in order for the project to continue as planned. So far the project has really gone exactly as planned with a few minor hiccups (not a lot of pilot test subjects, not getting to use the ATD we originally planned to use). nonetheless my advisor has not failed to run across more funding opportunities.

just after getting word of our award, we got word of two more international funding sources at the university. one is the international research award with grants up to 10,000$. the second is another great opportunity by the name of the global partnerships grant ( up to 25,000$). i am not sure what should be done if all awards are given and whether or not we would have to deny the winnings of one if all are won. i will have to consult with my advisor on this one.

the last of our proposals will be of an nata research foundation osternig master's grant with a total amount available of 1,000$. at this point we can only count on having one award from which we won previously and any amount helps tremendously.

a lot of work to do as my thesis proposal it self is up for april 16th as well as the two courses i am taking this semester as well as the summer research project planning that needs to be done! i love it ! its fun so far...

Friday, March 5, 2010

here i am with another announcement of an upcoming international scientific conference. on april 7 through the 9 of 2011 the IOC world conference on prevention of injury and illness in sport will be held at the grimaldi forum in monaco.

the conference will hold a variety of symposia under many topics. of special interest to me are the symposia on concussion and helmet safety. the oral presenters have already been selected but there is a call for abstracts for poster presentation.

after our summer data collection i am under the good thought that our completed project will fit just well in the conference.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

my advisor

after working with my advisor for just over a year now and seeing how he has really put his hand out for me and to see how much time he puts into our athletic training education program really is respectable.

here is a story about his most recent academic honor, being named a fellow of the national athletic trainer's association. from the nata website it can be seen that there is only a couple dozen of inducted fellows in the nata

general university research program grant awarded!

my advisor and i were just notified today by letter that we have been awarded $6,000 from the GUR grant!!! this was one of two grants that we applied for that i was not really confident about but it was a great surprise to find out that we were awarded such a great amount!

the second grant we are waiting for should be announced by may but as summer research projects are coming near i would assume the university would notify winners far before that to allow for ample planning.

a great step in my research endeavors and the success/completion of my master's thesis.