Thursday, February 25, 2010


over the winter break my colleague and i (david o'sullivan) of seoul national university were able to collect some pilot data for our head injury study. we had a small selection of subjects but were able to refine our methodology that will be important during our full effort of data collection during the summer months in korea, and possibly areas of europe.

as a result we decided to submit a report of our initial findings to the 2nd WORLD SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS OF COMBAT SPORTS AND MARTIAL ARTS to be held at the University of Rzeszów in Poland on September 17 - 19. willy pieter is also submitting a separate abstract to participate in the meeting (he is also a listed author in our study). attending this conference would mark my third oral presentation and third trip to europe to do so. some might argue that the conferences i have presented at are not in front of a "challenging" audience but i would beg to differ in that one of the sole purposes of conducting research is to communicate findings to groups of people and individuals in order to foster partnerships and to exchange knowledge and ideas that might further the development of scientific/medical advancement.

i am excited to participate and will praying and looking for funding opportunities to attend the poland confernce. next week also marks the time when our first grant application result is to be announced (3/4/2010)