Tuesday, October 5, 2010

where it began

here is a link for the first investigation i did on taekwondo from a biomechanics platform....fun stuff :). for some reason the wrong video clips were loaded. not sure if my old high school physics teacher still has the original files :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

europe research activities come to a close

my wife and i finally got back home after a long 6 weeks of travelling through europe. we started our journey in london where we stayed for about 10 days. in london i collected data at london south bank university with some british national tkd team members. we had 12 subjects in total and were able to process and analyze the results in time to submit an abstract to the ioc world conference on prevention of injury and illness in sport.

after london we went to my colleague's parents' place in dublin where we took some rest and processed our data. we also got a good look around dublin and some nature scenes.

our biggest data collection stint was in spain (near murcia) where we collected data on 60 some subjects. i plan to use all the data for my master's research project and produce some full publications in the coming months. our last stop was in poland where i attended the 2nd world congress on combat sports and martial arts. i presented the results of our pilot study that took place at seoul national university.

all in all the project went well. there were many ups and downs but all came to the end of a good result.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

after the semester came to a close i have not really had much to do as my project has been well planned and not much in our procedures have changed since the winter pilot study. so now at spare it time...i have rarely had this kind of free time and quite enjoy it as i have taken on a new hobby...reading books...no not text books or theses but real book of stories and dialog.

currently i have been reading a couple books about the kwangju democratization protests (kwangju uprising). while studying at yonsei university from 04-05 i had taken on modern korean history course and knew of the protest during may of 1980. i simply knew it only by name and that it was lead by students from the area.

the kwangju uprising has been reffered to 'korea's tianamen square massacre'. during this protest to a newly formed military dictator (chun doo hwan) it was reported that over 200 innocent civilian protesters were killed. there however have been reports that this number is far from the truth.

the two books i am reading and not finished with yet are called: 'the kwangju uprising - eyehitness press accounts of korea's tianamen by henry scott-stokes and lee jai eui' and the first korean report of the massacre called 'kwangju diary: beyond death, beyond the darkness of the age' by lee jai eui.

after i read these and probably after my research trip...and maybe after graduation i will be able to give a good thought of the books. so far they are interesting.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

소나무 찻상: pine tea table

ever since my interest in the korean way of tea i have been longing for a good natural tea table like that used in korean tea houses. traditional korean furniture boasts in its ability to bring out the nature of the wood, without complexing the wood work with exotic treatment oils or chemicals. it is most important for the wood's beauty to be expressed and a table with these characteristics is quite expensive to come by, especially if a professional korean carpenter does the work...unless you convince a university groundsman to cut you a slab of wood!

this morning i was considering a drive out to the countryside to ask someone with extra wood on their property to cut me a piece. just as i pulled in to my driveway to drop off my wife and make my way out to the rural areas of newark, i spotted a groundsman cutting down a tree. i walked up to him and asked for him to cut me a one meter slab of wood. he obliged and i bought him and his co-workers cold water and i had my self a nice pine tea table!

i spent the next hour or so sanding down the top surface with a sand drill and now am sitting in front of a potentially great piece of natural korean style furniture.

i am now looking forward to learning about how to best treat the wood in a natural way as the korean way of furniture making calls for

Thursday, June 24, 2010

update on studies

the last few months have been very progressive and at times worrisome on the research end of things. because of our pilot study during the winter in seoul our methods are pretty much set with a few adjustments due to the agreement to collect all of our data in europe at various locations. the only thing remaining in preparation for summer data collection has been funding. the more i progress in this project and anticipate doctoral studies the more i realize how important ample funding is.

over the course of 10 months my advisor and i have applied for five different sources of funds. out of the five we have secured three and each of the three were awarded in the full amount available for request. in total we were awarded with 7,500 USD for the duration of our summer data collection. 500 $ of the funding is actually specifically for attending one conference in poland but nonetheless will help in our overall research effort to make known our results. one of our funding sources is from the university (largest source) and another is a national grant awarded for the second largest amount of funding. the third is also a university award and is to be used for attending the conference in poland.

it is really humbling and amazing to realize how expanded our research effort will be internationally. our first stop will be in london which should be about 3-4 days of data collection. after collecting data in london my colleague and i, along with my wife, plan to make our way for 1-2 days in dublin to visit my colleague's family. after that we plan to be working tirelessly on processing the data....in paris! we may also have a few days before our murcia spain data collection session where we can process our london data in maybe madrid or barcelona. the specific of where we will spend time processing have not been determined but we will consider costs above all.

the last leg of data collection will be in near konstanz germany at the taekwondo competence center in friedrichshafen. the tcc is the national taekwondo training center for the german team and also serves a primary place for scientific development of taekwondo in germany. i have been told that konstanz is a beautiful place and the surrounding area near lake constance is one of the most popular vacation spots in germany, especially in the summer.

our last stop will be in rzeszów poland where i will be giving an oral presentation at the 2nd world scientific congress of combat sports and martial arts. my topic of discussion will be that from our winter pilot study conducted in seoul.

we now have about 1 month before we leave (aug 4) and our time in europe (1.5 months) will be amazing to say the least.

Friday, May 7, 2010

with the semester coming to an end i have been quite busy completing course projects as well as participating in conference activities. most recently i was notified by the american society of biomechanics that one of our abstracts was accepted as a poster presentation at the 34th annual meeting of the american society of biomechanics. this is a great step in success for this project and my career. ASB is one of the premier research societies in the world of movement sciences and says a lot concerning the importance of our research efforts so far.

also last week, in a hurry, i attended the 2nd annual delaware health science alliance research conference held at the christiana hospital in newark. the conference was a large one in respect to the state of delaware and also very important as the DHSA is one of UDs greater collaborative initiatives between mid-atlantic partners. after the DHSA conference i was notified that my poster was voted a 3rd place winner among the other posters. to me this is quite an honor as each primary investigator participant in the winning group were either PhD holders or doctoral candidates.

with the upcoming data colleciton dates scheduled this summer in europe i am quite excited to see the result, especially when our primary efforts are to get a good look from the IOC and WTF.

Friday, April 2, 2010

update on activities

this past week during the spring break has been pretty active for me in regards to my research project. last week i submitted my thesis proposal document to my advisor but actually made some changes after refining the specific aims and independent variables that really helps the project to be more focused.

also on wednesday we submitted an application for the nata osternig master's grant program. the total amount of funding available in this grant is 1,000$. it is not as much as the GUR grant that we were awarded but any amount will help our efforts.

also this last week was the approval of our abstract to the 2nd world scientific congress of combat sports and martial arts. our submission was accepted for an oral presentation and the congress will be held from september 17-19 of this year in Rzeszów (Poland).

i am very excited for this opportunity and will be praying for funding to allow for the trip. last year when i attended a similar congress in viseu portugal it was kind of a last minute preparation for the abstract and i ended up being awarded the alumni enrichment award at UD for $650 which really helped. i am hoping for a similar funding opportunity or something better.

Friday, March 26, 2010

thesis proposal document finished

i just submitted my thesis proposal document to my advisor via email.

my scheduled oral proposal is april 16th.

on another note, we did not get awarded the global grant. we think it's due to a lack of funds form the international department.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

continued funding push

after the other week when hearing that our research project is to be funded under the GUR grant program we were quite relieved. however, we still have needs in order for the project to continue as planned. So far the project has really gone exactly as planned with a few minor hiccups (not a lot of pilot test subjects, not getting to use the ATD we originally planned to use). nonetheless my advisor has not failed to run across more funding opportunities.

just after getting word of our award, we got word of two more international funding sources at the university. one is the international research award with grants up to 10,000$. the second is another great opportunity by the name of the global partnerships grant ( up to 25,000$). i am not sure what should be done if all awards are given and whether or not we would have to deny the winnings of one if all are won. i will have to consult with my advisor on this one.

the last of our proposals will be of an nata research foundation osternig master's grant with a total amount available of 1,000$. at this point we can only count on having one award from which we won previously and any amount helps tremendously.

a lot of work to do as my thesis proposal it self is up for april 16th as well as the two courses i am taking this semester as well as the summer research project planning that needs to be done! i love it ! its fun so far...

Friday, March 5, 2010

here i am with another announcement of an upcoming international scientific conference. on april 7 through the 9 of 2011 the IOC world conference on prevention of injury and illness in sport will be held at the grimaldi forum in monaco.

the conference will hold a variety of symposia under many topics. of special interest to me are the symposia on concussion and helmet safety. the oral presenters have already been selected but there is a call for abstracts for poster presentation.

after our summer data collection i am under the good thought that our completed project will fit just well in the conference.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

my advisor

after working with my advisor for just over a year now and seeing how he has really put his hand out for me and to see how much time he puts into our athletic training education program really is respectable.

here is a story about his most recent academic honor, being named a fellow of the national athletic trainer's association. from the nata website it can be seen that there is only a couple dozen of inducted fellows in the nata

general university research program grant awarded!

my advisor and i were just notified today by letter that we have been awarded $6,000 from the GUR grant!!! this was one of two grants that we applied for that i was not really confident about but it was a great surprise to find out that we were awarded such a great amount!

the second grant we are waiting for should be announced by may but as summer research projects are coming near i would assume the university would notify winners far before that to allow for ample planning.

a great step in my research endeavors and the success/completion of my master's thesis.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


over the winter break my colleague and i (david o'sullivan) of seoul national university were able to collect some pilot data for our head injury study. we had a small selection of subjects but were able to refine our methodology that will be important during our full effort of data collection during the summer months in korea, and possibly areas of europe.

as a result we decided to submit a report of our initial findings to the 2nd WORLD SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS OF COMBAT SPORTS AND MARTIAL ARTS to be held at the University of Rzeszów in Poland on September 17 - 19. willy pieter is also submitting a separate abstract to participate in the meeting (he is also a listed author in our study). attending this conference would mark my third oral presentation and third trip to europe to do so. some might argue that the conferences i have presented at are not in front of a "challenging" audience but i would beg to differ in that one of the sole purposes of conducting research is to communicate findings to groups of people and individuals in order to foster partnerships and to exchange knowledge and ideas that might further the development of scientific/medical advancement.

i am excited to participate and will praying and looking for funding opportunities to attend the poland confernce. next week also marks the time when our first grant application result is to be announced (3/4/2010)

Monday, February 15, 2010

global grant submission

its been since october since i last submitted a grant proposal for my master's project. the university has called for submission of grant proposals in support of international travel directly related to research efforts.

since last spring i have been planning to submit for a number of grants to fund my research data collection efforts that all require international travel (korea, spain, greece, and possibly brazil). while in korea I worked on the first rough drafts of the global grant and really got to work after touching base back in the states.

i think we really hammered own a well refined edition of a grant proposal which will really help in future submissions to more important (larger funding) proposals.

the total amount that can possibly be awarded is 5,000 USD and will be well spent if awarded.

praying for the best as i know my heavenly father has favor upon those who seek his love.