Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 trip 2 to korea

the last time i was in korea was during this last summer. after my first semester at UD i was in the position of not having a full summer teaching assignment (only one summer session of biology 207). this in turn required that i find some way to make some cash to pay rent. athletic training never pays well and to rely on random sports camps to pay rent wouldn't be so responsible to the next best thing to do was teach english in korea and make just enough for our flight tickets and one month's rent.

now, during the winter, same deal. no teaching appointment and the next easiest thing is to teach english for a month to pay rent. also, i have a great opportunity to work on my master's project with a friend at seoul national university. so in the next couple weeks i will be working to get things situated to get as much work done in korea during the short month as possible.

i really like korea in the winter (any time of the year as a matter of fact) but i have always liked winter weather and with the frigid weather that is typically on display over the peninsula, we are sure to get a good fix of korean winter. a great thing about korea in genera, and especially during the winter, is the street food vendors. although not always the cleanest of food, there really isn't a better thing that having odaeng soup (오뎅국) and spicy fried rice cake (떡뽁이).

another thing i have really enjoyed doing in korea is attending traditional korean concerts. just before our wedding, my wife and i took my parents out to a pansori 판소리 concert which was a real treat. i hope to get another taste if possible.

looking forward to the hard work and fun time in korea!!