Friday, October 30, 2009

becoming korean II: dual citizenship

the last time i posted on this topic was back in the spring i believe. the original information presented through online sources stated that dual citizenship would possibly be offered to people with exceptional talents (athletes, scientists, artists).

today, however, a new bit of information has been reported by the korea times stating that "If the revised bill is passed, foreigners who have married a Korean will also be able to become Korean without having to renounce their original citizenship. " and "Foreigners who have a Korean spouse or lived in the country for five consecutive years would need to pass a naturalization test to obtain a Korean passport. " .

this puts me in the category of a spouse of a korean national. to me it seems as though i would just have to show proof of my marriage to my wife and take a citizenship examination. looks like i will have to brush up on my korean language skills, history, judicial system and cultural studies. this is really exciting for me since i am genuinely interested in all of those topics. it just gives me another reason to engulf myself in these things. my first thought is to take some classes at a community center while in seoul. my wife and i will be going this december to visit family as well as this coming summer for data collection of my third research trip.

also, the final version of this dual citizenship bill will be part of a special public announcement just two weeks later!

two passports!!! bourne identity here i come!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

irb approval

my irb application was approved!! second semester in the program and i feel like im blazing along! my advisor and i worked on it for a few days straight and sent it in along with another application for a graduate student grant. i got word from my advisor while in copenhagen that the project was approved. usually a project, at UD, will have to go through a committee interview process to address any issues with the protocol or subject recruitment...but they had no comments!!

the grant we applied for is the general university research program grant and allows up to 6K for funding. we made a request for near 10K hoping that they see it fit to give us more. we need to purchase a hybrid III crash test dummy and other things (accelerometers) to conduct the study. a few days ago we also got some good news from the grant committee that we may be funded! they sent a response asking for some changes in the protocol and some other clarification. at this point i don't know how much we will be awarded but anything will be great! i think the committee is asking for revision to allow for a "cleaner" application to be sent to the dean, however the date for the dean to take a look at it is the 22nd of october and that is tomorrow. so at this point i am not sure where our application stands in line for funding...but it looks good!

looking forward to see how the project progresses. so far so good.

Monday, October 12, 2009

2nd internationl symposium for taekwondo study: globalization of taekwondo

2nd internationl symposium for taekwondo studyheld in conjunction with the world taekwondo championships.

willy pieter, and koh jae ok and I all presented on concussion topics in taekwondo. it was really nice to see all of us presenting at the same meeting and for all of us to voice our thoughts and results from previous studies. there was a presentation at the meeting concerning the development of the taekwondo interest group and the world taekwondo academy (world taekwondo park). the world taekwondo park is a 180 million dollar project being launched in south korea where a large area of land will be used to construct training facilities, research buildings and other education centers. these are both initiatives to help promote taekwondo worldwide.

some other good news is that my irb application (ethics approval)for my research project was accepted without request for a full board meeting to discuss the project.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

irb and graduate grant

after about 4 appointments and a good number of hours, my advisor and i have sent out my irb ethics application and a graduate grant for my research project. my project will require the use of a hybrid crash test dummy and can be very expensive. we have a few other grants that we will be applying for in the coming weeks as well.

also on the agenda is a possible application for a symposium on preventing concussion in sport. the IOC will be holding the World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport in April of 2011 in Monaco. i have spoken to two other VERY well known concussion researchers who have really been leading the concussion research community about participating. if it goes the way i understand, i would be the one organizing the symposium for the concussion segment. the concussion symposium would include about 8-9 presenters for a total of like 90-120 minutes of presentations and discussion. i don't know if i am really the man for the job but i am sure as hell interested in it so i think i will do alright