Monday, October 12, 2009

2nd internationl symposium for taekwondo study: globalization of taekwondo

2nd internationl symposium for taekwondo studyheld in conjunction with the world taekwondo championships.

willy pieter, and koh jae ok and I all presented on concussion topics in taekwondo. it was really nice to see all of us presenting at the same meeting and for all of us to voice our thoughts and results from previous studies. there was a presentation at the meeting concerning the development of the taekwondo interest group and the world taekwondo academy (world taekwondo park). the world taekwondo park is a 180 million dollar project being launched in south korea where a large area of land will be used to construct training facilities, research buildings and other education centers. these are both initiatives to help promote taekwondo worldwide.

some other good news is that my irb application (ethics approval)for my research project was accepted without request for a full board meeting to discuss the project.