Thursday, September 24, 2009

general university research program: grant

the past few weeks have been good in regards to developing my research project. my advisor and i have been working on our IRB application and have eyeing a few grants. today i started typing away for the general university research program that provides awards up to 6K$.

i worked on the grant for about 3 hours today and completed all the sections for the application but will now need to take another day of edits. on tuesday i will meet with my advisor so we can work on completing the IRB application as well as the GUR grant.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

IRB ethics application

last week i had a sit down with my advisor. we began making more serious plans to approach some grant proposals that will be crucial in the completion of my research project. the first step however was to discuss applying for IRB ethics approval for our research project.

after our meeting, a couple days after, i downloaded the correct IRB files and began filling in the blanks. on tuesday of this week my advisor and i had our first true meeting to work on the IRB application procedures section. we worked together for about two hours and got a lot done.

since the meeting i haven't gone back to the newest edits but will most likely take another stab tonight. along with the irb application is my thesis proposal. this fall semester i am fortunate to have signed up for our research methods course which basically provides the step by step guidance for preparing a proposal. my next step in the proposal is to first get a literature review completed. the class due date for a brief lit. review is the 31st of this month but i plan on having the whole lit review prepared by that time.

wish me luck!