Saturday, April 18, 2009

scientific congress on martial art and combat sport: viseu

things are starting to fall in-line for the congress that i do an oral presentation on my study of concussion management and assessment protocols used at taekwondo tournaments.

i purchased my air ticket which will leave on the 14th of may. the price was not bad, setting me at $644. i am still looking to score a scholarship through the alumni association at UD which should offset the costs.

i gave my practice presentation during my seminar course on friday and things went well. i got some good feedback from students and from my statistics professor. my professor seems to think i could get some support for continuing studies on the impact forces on the head from taekwondo kicks. it is thought that collecting data in korea would be best and also be a good image for the university.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Portugal Conference

so the result of the first funding proposal was denied. however, today i turned in another proposal which if won, would cover all costs for my trip to the scientific congress on martial arts and combat sport in viseu.

tomorrow (today) after i wake up, i will be giving my first public presentation of my research results from data collected in korea. my abstract for the portugal conference was accepted for an oral presentation. i have prepared about a 10 minute powerpoint slideshow.

the conference takes place next month from may 16-17. i purchased my two way tickets taking, taking of on the 14th and coming back to the states on the 18th.

looking forward to the trip and if things are okay with my finals schedule and time allows, my wife may also come along!!! 2nd honey moon coming up!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Funding for Portugal Trip: Grant Writing

recently my abstract was accepted for presentation at the martial arts symposium in viseu portugal. last week i was notified that i was not selected for a graduate travel fund through the university. however, my advisor has shown me another opportunity to apply for other funds.

i have now written three grant proposals and am 2/3. for some reason this proposal is tough as it asks, "explain why you would be a good candidate for the scholarship".

i can write many reasons why, but i am not sure they are the reasons they would look for.

i will be writing over the next few hours to see if i can come up with something good for the application.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Abstracts: SCMACS and NATA (Concussion in Taekwondo)

below are both of my abstracts which were accepted for poster presentation for two scientific conferences. the first is for the national athletic trainer's association national symposium which will be held in june 2009 in san antonio texas. the second will be presented at the 2009 scientific congress on martial arts and combat sports in viseu portugal in may.