Thursday, March 26, 2009

becoming korean

so i woke up to an interesting bit of information...possibly quite useful in the future. the korea times reports that the korean government is in the process of offering dual citizenship to non korean nationals (foreigners). apparently the requirements are that the applicant be someone of "talent" and with that talent serving, or advancing the country of korea through their talent.

i find this as an opportunity to take my abilities with korean language and academia into consideration. hopefully by the time i am conferred a doctoral graduate i will be able to serve the country as a researcher in sports medicine.

link to the article

Saturday, March 21, 2009

'73 raleigh grand prix fixed gear

i finally have the grand prix up and running. the next thing i would like to do is make a switch on the front brakes. they are original and it would be nice to get something newer. i would also like to up grade to a brooks saddle as my plastic coated foam padded one is already torn/cracked on one corner.

Monday, March 16, 2009

new teaching assistantship: truly a dream come true

so it came that about a week ago my advisor and i began discussing my assistantship in terms to come. as my assistantship with biological sciences was VERY last minute and not garaunteed after spring term, we brain stormed possibilities. first thought was to pursue the assistantship at delaware state university with athletics. secondly, my advisor recommended the thought of teaching again, but in the health sciences department.

shortly after our dicussion, with a teaching assistant course list and competencies sheet in hand, i filled out all the classes of which i thought i could teach. one of which is a "self defense" course. BINGO! i can do that! with over 11 years or more teaching experience of taekwondo i would be a perfect fit. i filled it out and at home put together a "taekwondo resume".

well today came the day for the full application. my advisor and i sat in his office and constructed a proposal (1 page written letter) of my interest in teaching self defense and emergency management of injury/illness. we sent it along and i made my way home (on my new fixie!) and enjoyed a nice pot o' beef curry. i spoke with my wife about the application and we spoke about how nice it would be if i could stay on campus to teach and continue research work.

about an hour after leaving my advisor's office and making my way back to the AT lab i was informed that the assistantship was APPROVED!! i will be teaching self defense and emergency management of injury/illness (need a certification for teaching first aid and cpr). so its set and im totally excited to continue teaching as this is right in line with my interests to be a professor and continue research.

confirmation in the bible

while sitting in our church during the sermon i began to think about how the lord had blessed me so much lately. i remember a few days ago trying to think back about the verse that my uncle david sent me through text message which really was the confirmation from the lord about my decision to pursue graduate studies in sports medicine. those few days ago the passage in jeremiah had slipped me and i could not recall the location. anyways, during the sermon i finally remembered the passage and wanted to share it so it is never forgotten.

jeremiah 29:11-14:

For i know the plans that i have or you, declares the lord, 'plans for welfare ad not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and i will listen to you. and you will seek me and find me, when you search for me with all your heart. and i will be found by you, 'declares the lord, 'and i will restore your fortunes and will gather you from all the nations and from all the places where i have driven you,'declares the lord, 'and i will bring you back to the place from where i sent you into exile.'

this clearly is a message to israel telling them that he will bring them back to the place where that were taken from. he promises good things to them, especially when they call on his name. the first two sentences spoke the most to me as they promise good things and definite relationship with the lord when i call on his name. i have experienced this first hand, not through the things i have done but through the selfless things our savior jesus christ has done. its only by god's grace that i am where i am and experiencing joy the way i am.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

using bodpod and choice reaction time apparatus

i love it. i love doing new and different things. on the field while practicing athletic training it is variable day by day of the activities you do. however, it is quite often that we do the same thing every day. although there are different challenges, sometimes things seem the same. today here at UD in the masters program, things are not so.

today i had the opportunity to participate in collecting data for another doctoral student's research. my part today was to collect data of subjects' body composition. to do this we use the bod pod. the bod pod is a egg like looking machine which measures air displacement, rather than water (as in water displacement techniques). also in the machine is the function for measuring lung volume capacity. as the subject breathes in the bod pod, the amount of air displacement is again recorded. the whole procedure occurs within about 3-5 minutes and requires a series of calibration activities.

im looking forward to continuing in helping with future studies in data collection as offering an extra hand in research is always beneficial for all people involved.

another activity was collecting choice reaction time of participants. this included the participant sitting on one side of the table in front of an electrical connected box consisting of 5 buttons with 4 lights corresponding to each button. I would sit on the other end of the table and proceed to choose between two colors of lights to ignite and record the participant's time in responding to each stimulus.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

usa taekwondo video page

the year of taekwondo in the states began with the us open. something great that the association did (finally) was put together a video archive. i havent had the chance to view all the videos but it looks like at least all the semifinals and finals from 2009 us open are viewable.

the videos are really put together quite well. there are short interview clips of each winner post fight.

new rims: alex ace 19 pista 700c

found some rims online the other day. with a little help from my mom i was able to purchase them. they are alex ace 19 700c pista rims. from my understanding they come on the bianchi pista stock. these ones come with a flip flop hub which will make for a comfortable alternative when and if i get tired of riding fixed.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Staying Grounded": Stephen Fife Article

heres a bit about my cousin stephen fife. seems like he's getting more attention. people continue to have more and more good consistent things to say about his abilities on the mound.

STAYING GROUNDED - Red Sox have high hopes for righthander Stephen Fife

By Alex Speier - Baseball America
February 19, 2009

BOSTON—Opposing players are rarely grateful to face top college prospect Stephen Strasburg. But for Stephen Fife, a game against the likely top pick in the 2009 draft proved career-changing.

Fife, whom the Red Sox took out of Utah last June, engaged in a pitcher's duel with Strasburg late last season. Strasburg was dominating, striking out 23.

Still, Fife held his own, allowing only an unearned run in seven innings in a 1-0 loss. That contest helped to catapult the righthander from the middle rounds to a third-round selection by the Sox.

"I didn't realize the capacity of the game until after I got out of the game," Fife recalled. "That night, I got, like, six questionnaires. There were about 25 scouts I didn't even know about.

"That's what started it. That's kind of when I got noticed. The following week, there was another large crowd at New Mexico, and again and again. It happened pretty fast."

Once in pro ball last summer, Fife, 22, proved solid in his first pro experience. Pitching out of the bullpen in order to limit his innings for short-season Lowell, Fife went 1-1, 2.33. He struck out 41 in 38 innings, and produced a healthy 2.36 groundball-to-flyball rate.

Fife's high groundball rates are attributable to a hard low-90s two-seamer and a hammer curve that also serves as a swing-and-miss pitch. The 6-foot-3, 210 pound Fife also features a four-seamer and what he characterizes as a show-me slider that he uses early in counts.

As a reliever, it proved a challenge for him to use that complete arsenal. In 2009, that will prove less of a challenge as he begins the season in the rotation for either low Class A Greenville or high Class A Salem.

"After a positive performance at Lowell, we're pretty excited to see what he'll bring to the table this year," Sox farm director Mike Hazen said. "Being a groundball pitcher and a strikeout pitcher is the rarest form of a pitcher that there is. A guy that combines those two, it's a good thing to have."

Sox Yarns

• Outfielder Wilfredo Pichardo, who led Sox minor leaguers with 43 steals last year, is on pace in his recovery from season-ending reconstructive knee surgery. Still, the 18-year-old will remain in extended spring training to start the year.

• The Sox added 30-year-old Carlos Maldonado to their catching mix. Maldonado hit only .248/.312/.392 for Triple-A Indianapolis in the Pirates organization in 2008, but he enjoyed a strong winter campaign in the Venezuelan League, hitting .328/.422/.496 in 125 at-bats.

Monday, March 2, 2009

spring training: cousin with the red sox

just got forwarded a video of my cousin stephen fife, a pitcher for the red sox organization. i believe he will be with a team in salem virgina this coming season.

looks pretty damn good in a red sox uni.


woke up this morning with a wonderful greeting from the NATABOC. included was a notice to check my results online for the board exam. after some maneuvering on the website i was able to find my results. i passed, first time attempt!!! it has been a long wait. after finishing classes in corvallis in the spring of 07 i went straight into OM studies, distracting me from taking the exam.

the first registration attempt was rejected since my cpr card was not "good". i took one of those online tests for a quick fix. didnt suffice and was asked to take a "real test". after doing that things sailed and took the exam on the 17th of february. however, on the 17th i was given a "bump" from the computer when after completing the first multiple choice section and clicking on "continue" i was re-routed to a log in page. from that point on the proctor was unable to log back in. i came back to the testing center at delaware state university two days later on thursday and was in and out in about an hour.

finally i am a real AT!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Abstract Submitted! Scientific Congress on Martial Arts and Combat Sports in Viseu Portugal

after hours and hours of abstract revision I have finally submitted the abstract for the scientific congress on martial arts and sport combat which will be held in viseu, portugal. the abstract allowed for 2 pages on an A4 size paper which gave us some room to include some important information. however, we did end up chopping a lot of text from the original draft. after the revisions i really feel it is a very clean product. im hoping that the committee will see it as a vital addition to the conference.

my thought is that the conference is more geared towards advancing the martial arts on a performance level. however i think submissions within the medical field are also important in the advancement of sport martial arts around the world, especially olympic sports like taekwondo, judo and the demonstration sport of karate ( think this is still a demo sport, not sure).

i will hear back from the committee by the end of march as well as the results on my funding proposal to attend the conference. updates pending...