Thursday, August 20, 2009

korean fixie connection

after a great dinner with my in laws, we went for a stroll along the han river. we made our way to the car and my father in law recieved an important call. the rest of us waited in the car. as we were sitting, i spotted a cluster of fixies hanging out next to the river on the river walk.

i brought up enough courage and asked my wife for the camera and walked over, introduced myself and took some shots of these guys. on guy had just purchased his bike the night before. the other has been riding for a few years or so.

i hope i can get my bike on the plane next time so i can take some rides around seoul.

fixed gear site from korea:

Monday, August 17, 2009

north korea (dprk) and south korea(rok)

the past several months have proven quite interesting for the korean peninsula and the united states. about 4 months ago a hyundai employee at the kaesong (개성) industrial complex was detained by the dprk for some reasons i didn't really read about. around the same time, two u.s. reporters were also detained after supposedly crossing over to the north from china illegally. all three people were held for about 3-4 months and recently released all within a two week period. the first release was of the american reporters and was orchestratd by former president bill clinton. i personally was quite excited about their release as i sent a letter to the secretary of state clinton urging her to put every effor forth into having them released. about 8 days ago the c.e.o of hyundai made a trip to the dprk and met with kim jong il. a few days after her arrival the hyundai employee was released and rights for south koreans to visit mt. keumgang (금강산) and possibly meet relatives for this years chusok/harvest celebration (추석).

with all these events oocuring within sucha short time it strikes me as simply interesting. there may very well be much said about the issues however as i am not an expert on the peninsula issue i can not say a whole lot. i just hope and pray that there would be peace on the korena land.

Friday, August 14, 2009

two months in korea

on the 3rd of july my wife and i flew to korea. we have now been here for about two months and have had a good time so far. after the first month i started teaching english at a 4 week summer english camp. the camp has gone well and the end is approaching. next saturday will be the last day.

during first month my wife and i seemed to have made daily trips to either the hospital or the dentist's office. i had a root canal to be done on a tooth that had been rotten for 3 years + and my wife as well had some work to be done. my wife also took the opportunity (as medical treatments are much cheaper) to get some physical check ups as well as some consultation about pregnancy. she is not pregnant now but we have been considering for some time now and might try to do so shortly.

also during my time here i have been writing alot. i had two articles to write (one for a physical therapy magazine and one to be included in the proceedings for the symposium in copenhagen this october). i have also been working on my presentation or copenhagen as well as my thesis proposal.

there has been many things to do and there defineately is not enough time in the day to get everything done...or have i just taken on too many things!???