Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd International Symposium on Taekwondo Study: Copenhagen

the result is in! i received an email from the copenhagen organizing committee two days ago and informing me that my abstract was accepted for the symposium. the email was not clear as to whether or not i would be participating as an oral presenter or not but my feeling is that i will. the committee also asked that i submit a full manuscript for publication in their proceedings after the symposium.

since the news i have written the full manuscript and am now working on putting together my tables/figures for the script. my netbook (hp mini) has a speadsheet program but it lacks the regular excel program functions so it has been difficult putting the tables/figures together. i am now waiting on a download from "open office" which has the excel program that i will use. the dload is taking quite a long time so i will get on it once the dload is complete.

a close friend from korea, a professor of sports philosophy with a focus in taekwondo, informed me that the symposium in copenhagen is not of high publication value. this is typically a concern for researchers as they strive to publicate works of high quality and those that go through rigorous review (high quality). for me, at this stage in my career, i am not so concerned about that as i will have many opportunities to publish in "respected" journals. my main purpose is to get the word out about concussions and the importance of developing quality medical care at all taekwondo tournaments.

i have made a strong point in the manuscript that the IOC and WTF should follow their stated missions to ensure the safety of all athletes. this is also important to the development of high caliber competition as safety is essential.