Wednesday, February 18, 2009

nata abstract accepted!

i finally got word that my abstract for the free communications poster presentation was accepted. it was my first submission and looking like a good start. my abstract was on the data that i collected over two summer research trips to south korea. i collected data on concussion rates, medical personnel concussion protocols, and general injury information and concussion information from athletes.

also as a result of my research i will be sending in an abstract for the congress on martial art and sport combat in viseu portugal. i actually sent in a travel fund proposal for the trip to portugal and now just need to gain acceptance for attending the meeting. the meeting for portugal is in may and the meeting for the nata is in june (san antonio).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the new wheels: 1973 Raleigh Grand Prix

it happened about 5 days ago. i did the craigslist search and came up across my new pedals. i bought it off a young 13 year old bike enthusiast in wilmington delaware. he was at school so his dad was kind enough to give me tons of information about bike shops on the east coast as well as really interesting information about the family bike collection that resides in their basement.

anyways, the bike is in really good condition and has all original components. it even has an interesting mechanical front and rear light apparatus that ignites when a wheel lever is set against the rear tire. these days finances will not allow for the purchase and up keep of a new car (mostly the up keep; car insurance, gas etc..) so the idea is to invest in the new bike to act as my machine for transport around newark and campus. my wife will also work on her bike as well.

excited to get fixing on the bike. although i am enjoying riding the vintage built bike.