Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally in Delaware!

after a series of UNBELIEVABLE events... my wife and i are finally in newark delaware! my whole adventure this last week started on sunday morning. just about 10 minutes after arriving to our church i received a phone call from my professor at delaware. he started off by telling me he had some "bad news". without hesitation i asked him to let me know what it was. he then proceeded to regretfully inform me that my graduate assistantship was pulled. at the last minute he had received a call from the high school i was to work for and due to that, my full tuition waiver and monthly stipend would not be available. he continued to inform me of his great regret and assured me that he would de everything he could to find some alternative. at this point my wife and i had already packed 90% of our things into our "relo-cube" and were not looking forward to pulling everything out only to wait untill the next term when things might be better set in stone.

throughout the service i was worried about what we would do. i listened to the sermon half heartedly as my mind was now on autobon speed. however, the last word that our pastor spoke was of a personal prayer that he encouraged everyone to pray. the pray went something short like this "lord, i will commit to doing your will at whatever it takes". just as he said this i remembered all of the miraculous things god had done in the past month concerning me getting into the graduate program, to finding on campus housing and a temporary place to stay prior to our february 14 move in. i could not believe that after all these blessings that god was just having fun up there making me worry my hair out. i waited untill the service was finished untill i told me wife and reminded her of the blessings we had received and that we had to continue stepping forward with bold faith.

as tuesday rolled around my wife and i attended our interview with USCIS (immigration). after a bit of a scare at the meeting (my wife spilled the beans that my assistantship was cancelled which made the interviewee believe that she could become a public charge (someone in need of special assistance from the government through food stamps etc.) by god's grace the interviewee allowed us to go home and translate her korean bank statement showing her funds back home. after translating we made it to the immigration office just in the nick of time and received permanent resident status. yes! success, and almost all wories are gone!

we continued to make our way home as we still had some errands to run and a bit of packing to organize. i dropped the wife off at home and i made my way to get an oil change. two blocks from home.....WHAM!!!! car light...not at fault!!!! yes...true story. after the accident i quickly began contacting the at fault person's insurance company to try and make arrangements for a rental car.

after many phone calls with the insurance company came the next day (wednesday, the day we were supposed to be on the road). i went to the sports medicine clinic i worked at and got xrays and pointers from the MD at the office. i will not speak of my injuries as the case has not yet been settled.

just as i began to walk into the Dr's office, my phone rang. it was my professor at delaware. he says "the stars have aligned for you my friend, it is truly a miracle" he continued to inform me that he found a teaching assistantship. i will be teaching a 200 level biology lab and will receive my full tuition waiver and the monthly stipend.

god works in un-imagineable ways. looking back it has all been tough. a roller coaster at times but i now can realize that the lord orchestrated this from the very beginning. the teaching assistantship (not traditional athletic training assistantship) is actually more adventageous. my goal is to be a professor (teaching) and to pursue research endeavors. starting the lab teaching and working on concussion research is EXACTLY what i needed. today i also received an email from my professor asking me to be a guest lecturer for his lower extremity evaluation class. it's only a one time gig for now since my prof is going out of town that day but its a great start to growing as a teacher.

thank you lord!

Friday, January 23, 2009

moving festivities

today was the official first day of moving. around 11am ABF came by and dropped off our "moving cube". doesn' actually move around like a jelly fish but is rather used to move things from one place to another (LA to newark). the wife and i moved a good number of things, especially the heavier things (couch, bed, tv stand, book case, and books). after closing up the "cube" we did a bit of re-organizing to be ready for day two of moving which will start shortly after coveing an la rugby club game.

if all continues to go well, we should be all prepared to hit the road in no time (hopefully around 4am on the 28th).

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

cycle fever

its almost been 4 months since my 1979 raleigh supercourse was stolen. thats way too many months of bikeless activity. in my car as i pass cyclists, my heart drops as i remember the freedom i felt when riding the streets of LA. but not for long... the plan is to find a nice cycle in the newark area and make conversion to a fixie or single speed again. about 3 weeks ago i found two nice bikes up for sale in newark. one is an older schwinn and another is a 1979 Raleigh Competition GS Classic . the raliegh is pretty sweet but runs around $300. due to the hard times and my thought being that the raleigh guy is trying to get extra cash...i will offer half price and see what he says. god has really blessed me and i will just see what happens.

the schwinn is already made fixie and would be nice since i wouldnt have to do any fiddling. i will wait and post once the diamond is found!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

continued grace

since now going through a grueling rollercoaster of emotions when first considering returning to sports medicine studies, I have learned to trust in the lord all the more. It was clear as day when i had decided to study for the GRE and apply to graduate school and inspiring when i had received confirmation through scripture and a handful of people. from those experiences and finally being accepted in to UD, where i barely met admission standards, i have accepted god's grace and realized how important it is to trust in the lord, especially when there is clear direction in his name.

after the opening for our apartment at UD i was really feeling the blessing of the lord. however, knowing that we would not be able to move into our place until the 14th and that we would arrive almost 2 weeks before move in date, i again was a bit worried, but fully trusting in the lord to provide a temporary place to stay until move in.

about two weeks ago i emailed a local newark presbyterian church asking if they could help acomodate my wife and i . i didn't receive a reply until after calling the church and leaving a message for the international and graduate ministry director. today around 3pm, again it was confirmed that god's grace is truly upon my wife and i. the director ensured me that we would have a place and would most likely stay with him and his family just minutes from campus.

i really look forward to spending time with the international minister and providing a helping hand early on in our introduction to the church.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

all is set!

after sending an email to university housing and receiving a reply on a monday the 5th of jan and being told it would take 2-3 weeks before we could know if a unit would be has now been confirmed that someone in a graduate housing 1bdrm has given a 30 day notice and we will be the recipients of the apartment! god is good and provides all things! thats all i have to say and i can only give praise to whom it is worthy to be given to.

we will be moving in on february 14th into the apartment and will need to find a place to crash until then. we will most likely arrive on campus on the 31st at the latest. this apartment is really great because the agreement is only until july 31st which gives us the opportunity to find a place that really suits us within the next several months.

experiencing this whole graduate school plan unfold is really showing me how god has favor in my life and also in those who love him and keep his commandments. i am far from a perfect person and will never be but i really love god and seek a loving relationship with him. i think this is something god also desires.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

apartment getting figured out

preparations to move out to the east coast are coming to a close. my wife and i have considered different options for housing in newark and decided taking a place on campus through the university graduate and family housing department would be the most convenient and hold the least restrictions on a lease agreement.

I sent an email to the housing department last week but only received the reply monday as university employees were on holiday until the 5th. the first reply informed me that we could complete a housing application but we wouldn't know whether or not a unit would be available until 2-3 weeks. knowing that there would be no confirmation about housing until just before the move was a bit nerve racking so my wife and i continued to think about other options. monday night i prayed and gave all my worries to god. tuesday morning i was greeted with an email informing me that the a tenant from the complex was to move out on feb 8th. that means that we will be moving in! by god's grace we have been blessed with the apartment and will not have to worry about searching for a place once we get there. we will however have to figure out a place to stay while we wait till the 14th when the apartment will be available.

we have been so blessed since hearing that i was accepted to the university and now finding this apartment. we can only give glory to our lord.