Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 trip 2 to korea

the last time i was in korea was during this last summer. after my first semester at UD i was in the position of not having a full summer teaching assignment (only one summer session of biology 207). this in turn required that i find some way to make some cash to pay rent. athletic training never pays well and to rely on random sports camps to pay rent wouldn't be so responsible to the next best thing to do was teach english in korea and make just enough for our flight tickets and one month's rent.

now, during the winter, same deal. no teaching appointment and the next easiest thing is to teach english for a month to pay rent. also, i have a great opportunity to work on my master's project with a friend at seoul national university. so in the next couple weeks i will be working to get things situated to get as much work done in korea during the short month as possible.

i really like korea in the winter (any time of the year as a matter of fact) but i have always liked winter weather and with the frigid weather that is typically on display over the peninsula, we are sure to get a good fix of korean winter. a great thing about korea in genera, and especially during the winter, is the street food vendors. although not always the cleanest of food, there really isn't a better thing that having odaeng soup (오뎅국) and spicy fried rice cake (떡뽁이).

another thing i have really enjoyed doing in korea is attending traditional korean concerts. just before our wedding, my wife and i took my parents out to a pansori 판소리 concert which was a real treat. i hope to get another taste if possible.

looking forward to the hard work and fun time in korea!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

becoming korean II: dual citizenship

the last time i posted on this topic was back in the spring i believe. the original information presented through online sources stated that dual citizenship would possibly be offered to people with exceptional talents (athletes, scientists, artists).

today, however, a new bit of information has been reported by the korea times stating that "If the revised bill is passed, foreigners who have married a Korean will also be able to become Korean without having to renounce their original citizenship. " and "Foreigners who have a Korean spouse or lived in the country for five consecutive years would need to pass a naturalization test to obtain a Korean passport. " .

this puts me in the category of a spouse of a korean national. to me it seems as though i would just have to show proof of my marriage to my wife and take a citizenship examination. looks like i will have to brush up on my korean language skills, history, judicial system and cultural studies. this is really exciting for me since i am genuinely interested in all of those topics. it just gives me another reason to engulf myself in these things. my first thought is to take some classes at a community center while in seoul. my wife and i will be going this december to visit family as well as this coming summer for data collection of my third research trip.

also, the final version of this dual citizenship bill will be part of a special public announcement just two weeks later!

two passports!!! bourne identity here i come!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

irb approval

my irb application was approved!! second semester in the program and i feel like im blazing along! my advisor and i worked on it for a few days straight and sent it in along with another application for a graduate student grant. i got word from my advisor while in copenhagen that the project was approved. usually a project, at UD, will have to go through a committee interview process to address any issues with the protocol or subject recruitment...but they had no comments!!

the grant we applied for is the general university research program grant and allows up to 6K for funding. we made a request for near 10K hoping that they see it fit to give us more. we need to purchase a hybrid III crash test dummy and other things (accelerometers) to conduct the study. a few days ago we also got some good news from the grant committee that we may be funded! they sent a response asking for some changes in the protocol and some other clarification. at this point i don't know how much we will be awarded but anything will be great! i think the committee is asking for revision to allow for a "cleaner" application to be sent to the dean, however the date for the dean to take a look at it is the 22nd of october and that is tomorrow. so at this point i am not sure where our application stands in line for funding...but it looks good!

looking forward to see how the project progresses. so far so good.

Monday, October 12, 2009

2nd internationl symposium for taekwondo study: globalization of taekwondo

2nd internationl symposium for taekwondo studyheld in conjunction with the world taekwondo championships.

willy pieter, and koh jae ok and I all presented on concussion topics in taekwondo. it was really nice to see all of us presenting at the same meeting and for all of us to voice our thoughts and results from previous studies. there was a presentation at the meeting concerning the development of the taekwondo interest group and the world taekwondo academy (world taekwondo park). the world taekwondo park is a 180 million dollar project being launched in south korea where a large area of land will be used to construct training facilities, research buildings and other education centers. these are both initiatives to help promote taekwondo worldwide.

some other good news is that my irb application (ethics approval)for my research project was accepted without request for a full board meeting to discuss the project.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

irb and graduate grant

after about 4 appointments and a good number of hours, my advisor and i have sent out my irb ethics application and a graduate grant for my research project. my project will require the use of a hybrid crash test dummy and can be very expensive. we have a few other grants that we will be applying for in the coming weeks as well.

also on the agenda is a possible application for a symposium on preventing concussion in sport. the IOC will be holding the World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport in April of 2011 in Monaco. i have spoken to two other VERY well known concussion researchers who have really been leading the concussion research community about participating. if it goes the way i understand, i would be the one organizing the symposium for the concussion segment. the concussion symposium would include about 8-9 presenters for a total of like 90-120 minutes of presentations and discussion. i don't know if i am really the man for the job but i am sure as hell interested in it so i think i will do alright

Thursday, September 24, 2009

general university research program: grant

the past few weeks have been good in regards to developing my research project. my advisor and i have been working on our IRB application and have eyeing a few grants. today i started typing away for the general university research program that provides awards up to 6K$.

i worked on the grant for about 3 hours today and completed all the sections for the application but will now need to take another day of edits. on tuesday i will meet with my advisor so we can work on completing the IRB application as well as the GUR grant.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

IRB ethics application

last week i had a sit down with my advisor. we began making more serious plans to approach some grant proposals that will be crucial in the completion of my research project. the first step however was to discuss applying for IRB ethics approval for our research project.

after our meeting, a couple days after, i downloaded the correct IRB files and began filling in the blanks. on tuesday of this week my advisor and i had our first true meeting to work on the IRB application procedures section. we worked together for about two hours and got a lot done.

since the meeting i haven't gone back to the newest edits but will most likely take another stab tonight. along with the irb application is my thesis proposal. this fall semester i am fortunate to have signed up for our research methods course which basically provides the step by step guidance for preparing a proposal. my next step in the proposal is to first get a literature review completed. the class due date for a brief lit. review is the 31st of this month but i plan on having the whole lit review prepared by that time.

wish me luck!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

korean fixie connection

after a great dinner with my in laws, we went for a stroll along the han river. we made our way to the car and my father in law recieved an important call. the rest of us waited in the car. as we were sitting, i spotted a cluster of fixies hanging out next to the river on the river walk.

i brought up enough courage and asked my wife for the camera and walked over, introduced myself and took some shots of these guys. on guy had just purchased his bike the night before. the other has been riding for a few years or so.

i hope i can get my bike on the plane next time so i can take some rides around seoul.

fixed gear site from korea:

Monday, August 17, 2009

north korea (dprk) and south korea(rok)

the past several months have proven quite interesting for the korean peninsula and the united states. about 4 months ago a hyundai employee at the kaesong (개성) industrial complex was detained by the dprk for some reasons i didn't really read about. around the same time, two u.s. reporters were also detained after supposedly crossing over to the north from china illegally. all three people were held for about 3-4 months and recently released all within a two week period. the first release was of the american reporters and was orchestratd by former president bill clinton. i personally was quite excited about their release as i sent a letter to the secretary of state clinton urging her to put every effor forth into having them released. about 8 days ago the c.e.o of hyundai made a trip to the dprk and met with kim jong il. a few days after her arrival the hyundai employee was released and rights for south koreans to visit mt. keumgang (금강산) and possibly meet relatives for this years chusok/harvest celebration (추석).

with all these events oocuring within sucha short time it strikes me as simply interesting. there may very well be much said about the issues however as i am not an expert on the peninsula issue i can not say a whole lot. i just hope and pray that there would be peace on the korena land.

Friday, August 14, 2009

two months in korea

on the 3rd of july my wife and i flew to korea. we have now been here for about two months and have had a good time so far. after the first month i started teaching english at a 4 week summer english camp. the camp has gone well and the end is approaching. next saturday will be the last day.

during first month my wife and i seemed to have made daily trips to either the hospital or the dentist's office. i had a root canal to be done on a tooth that had been rotten for 3 years + and my wife as well had some work to be done. my wife also took the opportunity (as medical treatments are much cheaper) to get some physical check ups as well as some consultation about pregnancy. she is not pregnant now but we have been considering for some time now and might try to do so shortly.

also during my time here i have been writing alot. i had two articles to write (one for a physical therapy magazine and one to be included in the proceedings for the symposium in copenhagen this october). i have also been working on my presentation or copenhagen as well as my thesis proposal.

there has been many things to do and there defineately is not enough time in the day to get everything done...or have i just taken on too many things!???

Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd International Symposium on Taekwondo Study: Copenhagen

the result is in! i received an email from the copenhagen organizing committee two days ago and informing me that my abstract was accepted for the symposium. the email was not clear as to whether or not i would be participating as an oral presenter or not but my feeling is that i will. the committee also asked that i submit a full manuscript for publication in their proceedings after the symposium.

since the news i have written the full manuscript and am now working on putting together my tables/figures for the script. my netbook (hp mini) has a speadsheet program but it lacks the regular excel program functions so it has been difficult putting the tables/figures together. i am now waiting on a download from "open office" which has the excel program that i will use. the dload is taking quite a long time so i will get on it once the dload is complete.

a close friend from korea, a professor of sports philosophy with a focus in taekwondo, informed me that the symposium in copenhagen is not of high publication value. this is typically a concern for researchers as they strive to publicate works of high quality and those that go through rigorous review (high quality). for me, at this stage in my career, i am not so concerned about that as i will have many opportunities to publish in "respected" journals. my main purpose is to get the word out about concussions and the importance of developing quality medical care at all taekwondo tournaments.

i have made a strong point in the manuscript that the IOC and WTF should follow their stated missions to ensure the safety of all athletes. this is also important to the development of high caliber competition as safety is essential.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2nd International Symposium for Taekwondo Studies

now after participating as an oral presenter for the scientific congress on martial art and combat sports and recently coming back from my poster presentation at the national athletic trainer's association symposia, i am back for more!

just before my trip to viseu i found information for the 2nd International Symposium for Taekwondo Studies to be held in conjunction with the 2009 taekwondo world championships. after speaking with a friend (willy pieter) who has clearly made his mark on research in taekwondo, i was encouraged to attend.

currently an international group of sports and the management of concussion have encouraged international governing bodies of sport to adopt concussion safety standards. attending the ISTS in copenhagen would be a great opportunity to present crucial information to an international group of tkd researchers.

i just submitted an abstract to be presented as an oral presentation and will wait for the results. kyung hee university (경희대학교) will be the organizing institute and will hold the symposia at the university of copenhagen.

i look forward to presenting with willy again since our first presentations together in viseu went very well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

new saddle

well i have been looking to get a brooks saddle for my bike for a while. they are a bit spendy and i haven't found the funds to support a purchase yet. step-dad is a master of the goodwill store scavenger hunt and found a honey brooks team pro saddle. yes, at goodwill he spotted, purchased, cleaned up and has of today sent the saddle in the mail. looking forward to breaking it in and enjoying rides to come!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

c-4 south korea visa process

for the past few months i have been searching for summer english language camps in korea. my spring semester recently finished and i need a bit of money to be making my rent payments and such. as an athletic trainer, finding a short time summer job that pays enough money is pretty much non existant. next best thing, a trip to the land of morning calm, an okay salary (enough to pay the bills) and some time with the in laws.

two weeks ago i agreed to teach english at the seoul christian university summer english camp from july 27 - august 23. on friday morning i received the necessary documents from the recruitment agency in korea, just moments before i was to make my way to dover to get my background check (state of delaware, not fbi), and apostille.

this is a new process for me since the only two visas i have had for korea are a student visa, and tourist visas. for the c-4 short term employment visa, the consulate general requires a university diploma, with (apostille) and background check (with apostille) be submitted. prior to this process, i had no idea what an apostille was. all i knew was that i needed to drive about 45 minutes south to dover, obtain my background check, get an apostille for that, and also get my oregon state university diploma apostilled.

in the state of delaware, before obtaining an apostille, there needs to be a notary given by someone within the state of delware. this was no problem for my background check, as the background check was completed at the state bureau of identification and was easily accountable for by the SBI and secretary of state (delaware). my oregon state issued diploma on the other hand is a document issued by the state of oregon and pretty much unaccounted for by the state of delaware.

after much conversation with the secretaries at the state office, i finally discovered that my oregon state university diploma could be given a notary by someone at a local copy center. at first, when speaking to the secretaries, i was under the impression that my diploma would need to be sent to the state office in oregon and be notarized and then sent to the secretary of state to be given an appostille. this would have been a major headache knowing that i now only have about 3 weeks before i plan to depart to seoul.

the apostille for my backround check took about on hour to be processed. after this was processed i went over to the copy center for my diploma to be notarized. my original diploma itself was not notarized but just a copy. the apostille for my diploma ended up being processed within about an hour and a half which was right when they were closing their doors for the evening.

i never thought i would get all that done on friday but am very happy about all that being taken care of.

now i need to drive to either washington dc or nyc to the korean consulate general to process my c-4 visa application. first thing tomorrow will start with a phone call to washington dc to confirm whether or not i can process my application there, as people living in delaware are supposed to go to nyc. i am not sure if this rule can be bent, but i will know by tomorrow morning.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Martial Arts and Combat Sports Congress: Report

it has now been just about three weeks (may 14-18) since my trip and presentation in viseu, portugal at the 2009 scientific congress on martial arts and combat sports. i have been finishing up projects and papers for the spring semester and now have a bit of time to make a repot on my trip to portugal.

my flight, from philadelphia, was at 6:30pm. i left newark with another doctoral student who was on his way to interview for a faculty position at a west coast school. once i arrived to the airport i easily got my e-ticket and made my way through security with no hiccups. just hours before leaving newark i developed a bit of a head ache and wasn't looking forward to 12 hour trip across the atlantic with that on hand. as i was walking through the terminal and spotted a small massage setup and threw down "a few bucks" for a massage which proved successful. i also grabbed a quick bite from an italian joint in the terminal. i boarded the plane on time but ended up waiting in the plane on the run way for clearance to take off. i think our official take off time was around 7pm.

my first landing to the european land was in barcelona. it was around 8am when we landed to barcelona and i had a bit of time to kill so i took the time to explore a inner terminal mini mart. at the mart a bought a pack of chocolate cookies called "filipinos" and some spanish coca cola. the flips were good and the coke washed things done just right. before going through security there, i scarfed down the cola as much as i could and packed the cookies in my cary on bag.

while waiting for my TAP (portuguese airline) i enjoyed watching the people and listening to the different languages. it was interesting to be around spaniards as well as portuguese at the same time since i hadn't heard portuguese before and my preconceptions were that they were similar. they are, but the portuguese language sounds a bit slavic. while waiting for the plane i was listening to a group of guys chatting away. i was confused since i thought they were russians and didn't understand the reason for russians to head off to portugal. i was thinking that maybe there were good business relations between the countries and that might be the reason for their trip. i soon found out that they were in fact portuguese as they spoke the same language to the flight stuardists.

the last landing of that day was in porto international airport. we landed on time, maybe early, around 11:30 am. since i had already landed into spain, customs in portugal was nothing much. i was questioned by one official just before exiting the baggage claim as to where i was headed. i informed him of the congress and he let me pass with no stamp or anything to that sort. after coming out into the main gait i was looking for a sign marked "gabriel fife". nothing to that make was around so i spent about 30 minutes or so walking around like a foreigner wondering how i was to get to viseu. i called the director of the congress and he informed me to look for a man near a cafe in the airport and that i would go along with a few other attendees of the congress. i was greeted by a man who did not speak english. he was the driver and was quiet throughout the drive to viseu. the other attendees were two from belgium and one lady from spain. i was pretty tired but maintained constant conversation with the group all the way to viseu except for about 10 minutes of shut eye.

once we got into viseu we were driven to the hotel where we checked in painlessly. after putting my bags in my room i met the two belgians and spanish professor in the lobby where we continued to a restaurant across the street. at the restaurant we met professor abel figuerierdo and professor willy pieter. willy has been a researcher whos research i have been following for the past 7 years. it was a pleasure to finally meet him and our trip served as a great time to discuss future directions of tkd research. at the restaurant i enjoyed a grilled salmon steak with bread, olives, potatoes and cola. the salmon was great and the potatoes were also a great compliment to the meal.

after dinner, my crew (marc, one belgian doctoral student, and marquel from spain) explored viseu. we took pictures and enjoyed the scenes and crashed back at the hotel.

i woke up early the next morning after setting my alarm for 5am when i meant to set it for 6am. for about 3 hours after waking up i was confused as to why no one was ready when i was. my reason for waking up early was to get out into viseu and take pictures. the city is gorgeous and i look forward for the time to go back again. i wandered around for about an hour and enjoyed the city with no crowded streets or traffic. after taking pictures i made my way back to the hotel where i enjoyed a wonderful breakfast by myself (remember i was an hour early!). my breakfast that morning (and the day after that) was of cereal, bread, cold cut ham, cheese, milk, juice, fruit and coffee. this was the meal included in the nightly rate and i would probably not bother to find another hotel if i went back again. although the hotel itself was not the cleanest (brown bath water), for a place to sleep and enjoy a good morning meal, i wouldn't pay a buck anywhere else. after my lone breakfast i went back to my room and made notes for my presentation that day. after i made sense of time, i made for round two of my breakfast where i joined willy, marc and the other belgian (phD student). around 9:30 we all boarded a van going to the polytechnic institute of viseu.

the school seemed small but we didn't get a full tour so it was hard to tell the size. the day and day after that (sunday) was spent by listening to presentations, asking questions during the open debate (of which i was continually for initiating productive discussions). there were coffee breaks in between each session and i enjoyed one of these. the coffee break i did enjoy was with two portuguese national wrestling athletes who are not professors, as well as a frenchman who was a judo athlete. we had great discussions about the education systems as well as research ideas. one big cultural impact i got from the coffee breaks was the way they drink coffee beverages. they drink a thing called "cafe" which is just a shot of espresso with a shot of sugar. i pretty much drink it everyday like that now since i have my own espresso machine.

my presentation was quite fine. i think i delivered fine and was presented with some important questions by audience members.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

off to viseu!

well... im off! it's about 10pm east coast time and i will be boarding my 6:30pm flight tomorrow evening to portugal.

when i look back to being 9 years old and learning taekwondo, i could never have thought that i would be presenting my own research across the atlantic at a martial arts conference. although my research is not greatly scientific, i do believe that in the future there will be ore opportunities to present more observations in taekwondo research. i can only thank the lord in my success and look forward to more opportunities to glorify the lord in the things i do.

i am looking forward to the great days ahead this coming weekend.

updates after my return will follow.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

scientific congress on martial art and combat sport: viseu

things are starting to fall in-line for the congress that i do an oral presentation on my study of concussion management and assessment protocols used at taekwondo tournaments.

i purchased my air ticket which will leave on the 14th of may. the price was not bad, setting me at $644. i am still looking to score a scholarship through the alumni association at UD which should offset the costs.

i gave my practice presentation during my seminar course on friday and things went well. i got some good feedback from students and from my statistics professor. my professor seems to think i could get some support for continuing studies on the impact forces on the head from taekwondo kicks. it is thought that collecting data in korea would be best and also be a good image for the university.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Portugal Conference

so the result of the first funding proposal was denied. however, today i turned in another proposal which if won, would cover all costs for my trip to the scientific congress on martial arts and combat sport in viseu.

tomorrow (today) after i wake up, i will be giving my first public presentation of my research results from data collected in korea. my abstract for the portugal conference was accepted for an oral presentation. i have prepared about a 10 minute powerpoint slideshow.

the conference takes place next month from may 16-17. i purchased my two way tickets taking, taking of on the 14th and coming back to the states on the 18th.

looking forward to the trip and if things are okay with my finals schedule and time allows, my wife may also come along!!! 2nd honey moon coming up!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Funding for Portugal Trip: Grant Writing

recently my abstract was accepted for presentation at the martial arts symposium in viseu portugal. last week i was notified that i was not selected for a graduate travel fund through the university. however, my advisor has shown me another opportunity to apply for other funds.

i have now written three grant proposals and am 2/3. for some reason this proposal is tough as it asks, "explain why you would be a good candidate for the scholarship".

i can write many reasons why, but i am not sure they are the reasons they would look for.

i will be writing over the next few hours to see if i can come up with something good for the application.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Abstracts: SCMACS and NATA (Concussion in Taekwondo)

below are both of my abstracts which were accepted for poster presentation for two scientific conferences. the first is for the national athletic trainer's association national symposium which will be held in june 2009 in san antonio texas. the second will be presented at the 2009 scientific congress on martial arts and combat sports in viseu portugal in may.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

becoming korean

so i woke up to an interesting bit of information...possibly quite useful in the future. the korea times reports that the korean government is in the process of offering dual citizenship to non korean nationals (foreigners). apparently the requirements are that the applicant be someone of "talent" and with that talent serving, or advancing the country of korea through their talent.

i find this as an opportunity to take my abilities with korean language and academia into consideration. hopefully by the time i am conferred a doctoral graduate i will be able to serve the country as a researcher in sports medicine.

link to the article

Saturday, March 21, 2009

'73 raleigh grand prix fixed gear

i finally have the grand prix up and running. the next thing i would like to do is make a switch on the front brakes. they are original and it would be nice to get something newer. i would also like to up grade to a brooks saddle as my plastic coated foam padded one is already torn/cracked on one corner.

Monday, March 16, 2009

new teaching assistantship: truly a dream come true

so it came that about a week ago my advisor and i began discussing my assistantship in terms to come. as my assistantship with biological sciences was VERY last minute and not garaunteed after spring term, we brain stormed possibilities. first thought was to pursue the assistantship at delaware state university with athletics. secondly, my advisor recommended the thought of teaching again, but in the health sciences department.

shortly after our dicussion, with a teaching assistant course list and competencies sheet in hand, i filled out all the classes of which i thought i could teach. one of which is a "self defense" course. BINGO! i can do that! with over 11 years or more teaching experience of taekwondo i would be a perfect fit. i filled it out and at home put together a "taekwondo resume".

well today came the day for the full application. my advisor and i sat in his office and constructed a proposal (1 page written letter) of my interest in teaching self defense and emergency management of injury/illness. we sent it along and i made my way home (on my new fixie!) and enjoyed a nice pot o' beef curry. i spoke with my wife about the application and we spoke about how nice it would be if i could stay on campus to teach and continue research work.

about an hour after leaving my advisor's office and making my way back to the AT lab i was informed that the assistantship was APPROVED!! i will be teaching self defense and emergency management of injury/illness (need a certification for teaching first aid and cpr). so its set and im totally excited to continue teaching as this is right in line with my interests to be a professor and continue research.

confirmation in the bible

while sitting in our church during the sermon i began to think about how the lord had blessed me so much lately. i remember a few days ago trying to think back about the verse that my uncle david sent me through text message which really was the confirmation from the lord about my decision to pursue graduate studies in sports medicine. those few days ago the passage in jeremiah had slipped me and i could not recall the location. anyways, during the sermon i finally remembered the passage and wanted to share it so it is never forgotten.

jeremiah 29:11-14:

For i know the plans that i have or you, declares the lord, 'plans for welfare ad not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and i will listen to you. and you will seek me and find me, when you search for me with all your heart. and i will be found by you, 'declares the lord, 'and i will restore your fortunes and will gather you from all the nations and from all the places where i have driven you,'declares the lord, 'and i will bring you back to the place from where i sent you into exile.'

this clearly is a message to israel telling them that he will bring them back to the place where that were taken from. he promises good things to them, especially when they call on his name. the first two sentences spoke the most to me as they promise good things and definite relationship with the lord when i call on his name. i have experienced this first hand, not through the things i have done but through the selfless things our savior jesus christ has done. its only by god's grace that i am where i am and experiencing joy the way i am.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

using bodpod and choice reaction time apparatus

i love it. i love doing new and different things. on the field while practicing athletic training it is variable day by day of the activities you do. however, it is quite often that we do the same thing every day. although there are different challenges, sometimes things seem the same. today here at UD in the masters program, things are not so.

today i had the opportunity to participate in collecting data for another doctoral student's research. my part today was to collect data of subjects' body composition. to do this we use the bod pod. the bod pod is a egg like looking machine which measures air displacement, rather than water (as in water displacement techniques). also in the machine is the function for measuring lung volume capacity. as the subject breathes in the bod pod, the amount of air displacement is again recorded. the whole procedure occurs within about 3-5 minutes and requires a series of calibration activities.

im looking forward to continuing in helping with future studies in data collection as offering an extra hand in research is always beneficial for all people involved.

another activity was collecting choice reaction time of participants. this included the participant sitting on one side of the table in front of an electrical connected box consisting of 5 buttons with 4 lights corresponding to each button. I would sit on the other end of the table and proceed to choose between two colors of lights to ignite and record the participant's time in responding to each stimulus.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

usa taekwondo video page

the year of taekwondo in the states began with the us open. something great that the association did (finally) was put together a video archive. i havent had the chance to view all the videos but it looks like at least all the semifinals and finals from 2009 us open are viewable.

the videos are really put together quite well. there are short interview clips of each winner post fight.

new rims: alex ace 19 pista 700c

found some rims online the other day. with a little help from my mom i was able to purchase them. they are alex ace 19 700c pista rims. from my understanding they come on the bianchi pista stock. these ones come with a flip flop hub which will make for a comfortable alternative when and if i get tired of riding fixed.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Staying Grounded": Stephen Fife Article

heres a bit about my cousin stephen fife. seems like he's getting more attention. people continue to have more and more good consistent things to say about his abilities on the mound.

STAYING GROUNDED - Red Sox have high hopes for righthander Stephen Fife

By Alex Speier - Baseball America
February 19, 2009

BOSTON—Opposing players are rarely grateful to face top college prospect Stephen Strasburg. But for Stephen Fife, a game against the likely top pick in the 2009 draft proved career-changing.

Fife, whom the Red Sox took out of Utah last June, engaged in a pitcher's duel with Strasburg late last season. Strasburg was dominating, striking out 23.

Still, Fife held his own, allowing only an unearned run in seven innings in a 1-0 loss. That contest helped to catapult the righthander from the middle rounds to a third-round selection by the Sox.

"I didn't realize the capacity of the game until after I got out of the game," Fife recalled. "That night, I got, like, six questionnaires. There were about 25 scouts I didn't even know about.

"That's what started it. That's kind of when I got noticed. The following week, there was another large crowd at New Mexico, and again and again. It happened pretty fast."

Once in pro ball last summer, Fife, 22, proved solid in his first pro experience. Pitching out of the bullpen in order to limit his innings for short-season Lowell, Fife went 1-1, 2.33. He struck out 41 in 38 innings, and produced a healthy 2.36 groundball-to-flyball rate.

Fife's high groundball rates are attributable to a hard low-90s two-seamer and a hammer curve that also serves as a swing-and-miss pitch. The 6-foot-3, 210 pound Fife also features a four-seamer and what he characterizes as a show-me slider that he uses early in counts.

As a reliever, it proved a challenge for him to use that complete arsenal. In 2009, that will prove less of a challenge as he begins the season in the rotation for either low Class A Greenville or high Class A Salem.

"After a positive performance at Lowell, we're pretty excited to see what he'll bring to the table this year," Sox farm director Mike Hazen said. "Being a groundball pitcher and a strikeout pitcher is the rarest form of a pitcher that there is. A guy that combines those two, it's a good thing to have."

Sox Yarns

• Outfielder Wilfredo Pichardo, who led Sox minor leaguers with 43 steals last year, is on pace in his recovery from season-ending reconstructive knee surgery. Still, the 18-year-old will remain in extended spring training to start the year.

• The Sox added 30-year-old Carlos Maldonado to their catching mix. Maldonado hit only .248/.312/.392 for Triple-A Indianapolis in the Pirates organization in 2008, but he enjoyed a strong winter campaign in the Venezuelan League, hitting .328/.422/.496 in 125 at-bats.

Monday, March 2, 2009

spring training: cousin with the red sox

just got forwarded a video of my cousin stephen fife, a pitcher for the red sox organization. i believe he will be with a team in salem virgina this coming season.

looks pretty damn good in a red sox uni.


woke up this morning with a wonderful greeting from the NATABOC. included was a notice to check my results online for the board exam. after some maneuvering on the website i was able to find my results. i passed, first time attempt!!! it has been a long wait. after finishing classes in corvallis in the spring of 07 i went straight into OM studies, distracting me from taking the exam.

the first registration attempt was rejected since my cpr card was not "good". i took one of those online tests for a quick fix. didnt suffice and was asked to take a "real test". after doing that things sailed and took the exam on the 17th of february. however, on the 17th i was given a "bump" from the computer when after completing the first multiple choice section and clicking on "continue" i was re-routed to a log in page. from that point on the proctor was unable to log back in. i came back to the testing center at delaware state university two days later on thursday and was in and out in about an hour.

finally i am a real AT!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Abstract Submitted! Scientific Congress on Martial Arts and Combat Sports in Viseu Portugal

after hours and hours of abstract revision I have finally submitted the abstract for the scientific congress on martial arts and sport combat which will be held in viseu, portugal. the abstract allowed for 2 pages on an A4 size paper which gave us some room to include some important information. however, we did end up chopping a lot of text from the original draft. after the revisions i really feel it is a very clean product. im hoping that the committee will see it as a vital addition to the conference.

my thought is that the conference is more geared towards advancing the martial arts on a performance level. however i think submissions within the medical field are also important in the advancement of sport martial arts around the world, especially olympic sports like taekwondo, judo and the demonstration sport of karate ( think this is still a demo sport, not sure).

i will hear back from the committee by the end of march as well as the results on my funding proposal to attend the conference. updates pending...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

nata abstract accepted!

i finally got word that my abstract for the free communications poster presentation was accepted. it was my first submission and looking like a good start. my abstract was on the data that i collected over two summer research trips to south korea. i collected data on concussion rates, medical personnel concussion protocols, and general injury information and concussion information from athletes.

also as a result of my research i will be sending in an abstract for the congress on martial art and sport combat in viseu portugal. i actually sent in a travel fund proposal for the trip to portugal and now just need to gain acceptance for attending the meeting. the meeting for portugal is in may and the meeting for the nata is in june (san antonio).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the new wheels: 1973 Raleigh Grand Prix

it happened about 5 days ago. i did the craigslist search and came up across my new pedals. i bought it off a young 13 year old bike enthusiast in wilmington delaware. he was at school so his dad was kind enough to give me tons of information about bike shops on the east coast as well as really interesting information about the family bike collection that resides in their basement.

anyways, the bike is in really good condition and has all original components. it even has an interesting mechanical front and rear light apparatus that ignites when a wheel lever is set against the rear tire. these days finances will not allow for the purchase and up keep of a new car (mostly the up keep; car insurance, gas etc..) so the idea is to invest in the new bike to act as my machine for transport around newark and campus. my wife will also work on her bike as well.

excited to get fixing on the bike. although i am enjoying riding the vintage built bike.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally in Delaware!

after a series of UNBELIEVABLE events... my wife and i are finally in newark delaware! my whole adventure this last week started on sunday morning. just about 10 minutes after arriving to our church i received a phone call from my professor at delaware. he started off by telling me he had some "bad news". without hesitation i asked him to let me know what it was. he then proceeded to regretfully inform me that my graduate assistantship was pulled. at the last minute he had received a call from the high school i was to work for and due to that, my full tuition waiver and monthly stipend would not be available. he continued to inform me of his great regret and assured me that he would de everything he could to find some alternative. at this point my wife and i had already packed 90% of our things into our "relo-cube" and were not looking forward to pulling everything out only to wait untill the next term when things might be better set in stone.

throughout the service i was worried about what we would do. i listened to the sermon half heartedly as my mind was now on autobon speed. however, the last word that our pastor spoke was of a personal prayer that he encouraged everyone to pray. the pray went something short like this "lord, i will commit to doing your will at whatever it takes". just as he said this i remembered all of the miraculous things god had done in the past month concerning me getting into the graduate program, to finding on campus housing and a temporary place to stay prior to our february 14 move in. i could not believe that after all these blessings that god was just having fun up there making me worry my hair out. i waited untill the service was finished untill i told me wife and reminded her of the blessings we had received and that we had to continue stepping forward with bold faith.

as tuesday rolled around my wife and i attended our interview with USCIS (immigration). after a bit of a scare at the meeting (my wife spilled the beans that my assistantship was cancelled which made the interviewee believe that she could become a public charge (someone in need of special assistance from the government through food stamps etc.) by god's grace the interviewee allowed us to go home and translate her korean bank statement showing her funds back home. after translating we made it to the immigration office just in the nick of time and received permanent resident status. yes! success, and almost all wories are gone!

we continued to make our way home as we still had some errands to run and a bit of packing to organize. i dropped the wife off at home and i made my way to get an oil change. two blocks from home.....WHAM!!!! car light...not at fault!!!! yes...true story. after the accident i quickly began contacting the at fault person's insurance company to try and make arrangements for a rental car.

after many phone calls with the insurance company came the next day (wednesday, the day we were supposed to be on the road). i went to the sports medicine clinic i worked at and got xrays and pointers from the MD at the office. i will not speak of my injuries as the case has not yet been settled.

just as i began to walk into the Dr's office, my phone rang. it was my professor at delaware. he says "the stars have aligned for you my friend, it is truly a miracle" he continued to inform me that he found a teaching assistantship. i will be teaching a 200 level biology lab and will receive my full tuition waiver and the monthly stipend.

god works in un-imagineable ways. looking back it has all been tough. a roller coaster at times but i now can realize that the lord orchestrated this from the very beginning. the teaching assistantship (not traditional athletic training assistantship) is actually more adventageous. my goal is to be a professor (teaching) and to pursue research endeavors. starting the lab teaching and working on concussion research is EXACTLY what i needed. today i also received an email from my professor asking me to be a guest lecturer for his lower extremity evaluation class. it's only a one time gig for now since my prof is going out of town that day but its a great start to growing as a teacher.

thank you lord!

Friday, January 23, 2009

moving festivities

today was the official first day of moving. around 11am ABF came by and dropped off our "moving cube". doesn' actually move around like a jelly fish but is rather used to move things from one place to another (LA to newark). the wife and i moved a good number of things, especially the heavier things (couch, bed, tv stand, book case, and books). after closing up the "cube" we did a bit of re-organizing to be ready for day two of moving which will start shortly after coveing an la rugby club game.

if all continues to go well, we should be all prepared to hit the road in no time (hopefully around 4am on the 28th).

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

cycle fever

its almost been 4 months since my 1979 raleigh supercourse was stolen. thats way too many months of bikeless activity. in my car as i pass cyclists, my heart drops as i remember the freedom i felt when riding the streets of LA. but not for long... the plan is to find a nice cycle in the newark area and make conversion to a fixie or single speed again. about 3 weeks ago i found two nice bikes up for sale in newark. one is an older schwinn and another is a 1979 Raleigh Competition GS Classic . the raliegh is pretty sweet but runs around $300. due to the hard times and my thought being that the raleigh guy is trying to get extra cash...i will offer half price and see what he says. god has really blessed me and i will just see what happens.

the schwinn is already made fixie and would be nice since i wouldnt have to do any fiddling. i will wait and post once the diamond is found!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

continued grace

since now going through a grueling rollercoaster of emotions when first considering returning to sports medicine studies, I have learned to trust in the lord all the more. It was clear as day when i had decided to study for the GRE and apply to graduate school and inspiring when i had received confirmation through scripture and a handful of people. from those experiences and finally being accepted in to UD, where i barely met admission standards, i have accepted god's grace and realized how important it is to trust in the lord, especially when there is clear direction in his name.

after the opening for our apartment at UD i was really feeling the blessing of the lord. however, knowing that we would not be able to move into our place until the 14th and that we would arrive almost 2 weeks before move in date, i again was a bit worried, but fully trusting in the lord to provide a temporary place to stay until move in.

about two weeks ago i emailed a local newark presbyterian church asking if they could help acomodate my wife and i . i didn't receive a reply until after calling the church and leaving a message for the international and graduate ministry director. today around 3pm, again it was confirmed that god's grace is truly upon my wife and i. the director ensured me that we would have a place and would most likely stay with him and his family just minutes from campus.

i really look forward to spending time with the international minister and providing a helping hand early on in our introduction to the church.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

all is set!

after sending an email to university housing and receiving a reply on a monday the 5th of jan and being told it would take 2-3 weeks before we could know if a unit would be has now been confirmed that someone in a graduate housing 1bdrm has given a 30 day notice and we will be the recipients of the apartment! god is good and provides all things! thats all i have to say and i can only give praise to whom it is worthy to be given to.

we will be moving in on february 14th into the apartment and will need to find a place to crash until then. we will most likely arrive on campus on the 31st at the latest. this apartment is really great because the agreement is only until july 31st which gives us the opportunity to find a place that really suits us within the next several months.

experiencing this whole graduate school plan unfold is really showing me how god has favor in my life and also in those who love him and keep his commandments. i am far from a perfect person and will never be but i really love god and seek a loving relationship with him. i think this is something god also desires.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

apartment getting figured out

preparations to move out to the east coast are coming to a close. my wife and i have considered different options for housing in newark and decided taking a place on campus through the university graduate and family housing department would be the most convenient and hold the least restrictions on a lease agreement.

I sent an email to the housing department last week but only received the reply monday as university employees were on holiday until the 5th. the first reply informed me that we could complete a housing application but we wouldn't know whether or not a unit would be available until 2-3 weeks. knowing that there would be no confirmation about housing until just before the move was a bit nerve racking so my wife and i continued to think about other options. monday night i prayed and gave all my worries to god. tuesday morning i was greeted with an email informing me that the a tenant from the complex was to move out on feb 8th. that means that we will be moving in! by god's grace we have been blessed with the apartment and will not have to worry about searching for a place once we get there. we will however have to figure out a place to stay while we wait till the 14th when the apartment will be available.

we have been so blessed since hearing that i was accepted to the university and now finding this apartment. we can only give glory to our lord.