Friday, December 26, 2008

Going to The University of Delaware!

after much anticipated wait...the decision is finally in... i was accepted into the graduate (MS) sports medicine program at the university of delaware! this was the only school that i applied to from a list of about 7 schools of which i was interested in. UD was the only school that would allow me to begin classes for the spring term which was a big plus. the professor that i have been in contact with also was quite interested in me doing research there and above all things that was really important. included in the good news is a full tuition remission and a great stipend for being a graduate assistant athletic trainer (most likely at a local private high school in wilmington DE). i am really looking forward to beginning studies there as the professor i am looking to work with has a considerate interest in concussions and has done his research from a more biomechanical approach.

my interest for research in concussions is from a biomechanics standpoint and i look forward to getting into that.

the program begins on february 9th 2009 and the wife and i will be making the cross country trip on the 28th of january.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

grad school application complete!

after a stressful day of waiting and meeting deadlines yesterday, i am proud to say that the last recommendation letter has been turned in to university of delaware. the other deadline met was the abstract submission for the 2009 NATA free communications peer reviewed track. with both deadlines met i can sit back a bit and....yes....continue to wait! with half the battle done i am still anxious, just waiting for results from both institutions (nata & university of delaware).

i was greeted with an email from the main professor of whom i am hoping to work with at UD, informing me that they had downloaded the last of my application documents and would be contacting me "shortly" of their decision. with as much contact as i have had with the program at UD and informative dialogue exchange with the professors i couldn't imagine a poor result. however, i don't see my application as completely competitive in comparison to other applicants. the advantage to applying for the spring term is my thought that there are no other applicants that i would be in competition with! however, as a program director i would thing they have to look at the long term spectrum of applicants (fall applicants) and make a good decision with consideration of that.

the other event of waiting involves the nata abstract submission. my concussion research began during the winter of 2006 and we have finally come to the opportunity to bring things to a bit of a close. if all things go well and my abstract is accepted then i will have the opportunity to present the abstract at the nata national convention in san antonio during the month of june. i will be waiting the result at the edge of my seat!