Tuesday, July 29, 2008

change of colors: with electrical tape

a few weeks ago i was considering the possibility of painting my bike. i always tell myself that i dont have enough time for this or that...and same with painting my bike i convinced myself that painted was out of the question...for now.

while looking on the web i found a guy who covered his bike with orange electrical tape and was satisfied with the results. I got to thinking that it would be cheaper (about 8 bucks) to buy some tape at home depot and also a bit quicker.

yesterday i finally went to home depot and picked up two rolls of white electrical tape and went to work. after about 2 hours i had a white bike. i didnt take the bike apart and tape it but rather just maneuvered my way around the crank, brakes and wheels. i did however take off the front and back wheels to ease my taping a bit.

in the end i have now been faced with the new beginnings of a white bike. the photo looks better than the bike itself up close and in person, but from a distance it can easily be mistaken as a painted white bike.

I hope to change things up with white rims or even just convince myself to paint it actually white one of these days.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2008 taekwondo nationals: detroit

this post is way late but i thought i'd atleast get a bit of a write up on how things went in detroit for the 2008 us national taekwondo championships.

I flew in from LA by way of philly to detroit at around 10:30 in the evening. had a couple other medical volunteers waiting at the airport for me and we made our way to the hotel. i think i went up to my room, put my bags in and met the rest of the team in the lobby cafe to have a beer (non alchy of course).

the next day started early, as did the rest of the week, around 7:30 in the am i think. the rest of the week had a fair share of metacarpal/tarsal fractures and a number of concussions. more concussions seemed to spring up out of the junior division (not any help for numbers in my research) but better safe than anything.

it was a fun time working with the bare sports medicine crew and i look forward to some more outings at tournaments and nights at the bars throwin down non alchy beers. next stop: TKD at Sea. yes at sea...we will be on a cruise ship for a good week and will bill docking in some area in baja norte california mexico.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

killer bike event at bicycle kitchen

the wife and i decided to make our way over to the bicycle kitchen in hopes of landing a nice bike for her. little did we know there was a bike event going on just in front of the kitchen which included an amazing show by a well known german cycle trickster. this lady was doing headstands on her seat and all sorts of unbelievable stunts on her bike...it was simply amazing.

there is a rising cycle culture in the LA area and i think im getting swept off my feet. the beauty of the custom bikes that a lot of these riders put together is pretty cool. my bike, made from scatch, will hopefully soon be another berry in the patch.

also, as i was caught up in the mix of checking out new parts for my bike, i surfed by this blog and this blog from korea...seems like this blogger is in bangkok...interesting to see cycle culture all over the world. also found this webpage (the bike )for biking in korea