Thursday, June 26, 2008

taekwondo comercial: lopez fam

i dont watch tv a whole lot but recently noticed a new at&t commercial featuring the lopez family (minus mark).

im not gonna say its an amazing commercial, but it sure is pretty tight to see the lopez family getting attention and most of all promoting the sport of taekwondo. we're a long ways from having the attention that golf and tennis have but its a start. the more gold medals in taekwondo for team usa means more publicity and more money....

check out the commercial posted on youtube;

Saturday, June 21, 2008

athletic training volunteer at nationals

i was contacted by bare essentials sports medicine about a month ago to help provide medical services at the 2008 US national taekwondo championship in detroit michigan. i am really excited to be a part of the medical team as i have now helped out at 4 national tkd events within the past few years and being apart of the tkd community is a great pleasure of mine.

along with helping the medical team out, i will be collecting concussion data at the event to include in my research. this time i will be collecting questionaires from the other medical personnel as well as epidemiological data on concussions at the games.

so far i have collected data at two other tournaments in korea and plan to make a comparison of the data collected between the states and korea.

in october i will also be accompanying the sports medical team on the "tkd at sea" tournament this october. i have plans to collect the same data at that time.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

my cousin signed with the boston red sox

my cousin, stephen fife, was picked 85th overall in the 3rd round of the MLB baseball draft by the boston red sox. he's a right handed pitcher from boise idaho and just finished his junior year at university of utah.

I remember the good ol' days in boise during the summers when stephen, chris (older bro) and i would play pickle in the front yard. now look at him, if he's really got things rollin his way, he could find himself on the mound at fenway park.

i wish him the best and hope to see him on tv one of these days

Friday, June 6, 2008

old blog on north korea

while looking for the image for the visa post i found this blog on north korea. i didn't get a good look at it but there are some good pictures and interesting information.

when i get some more time i am sure i will waste some on the website.

wife's visa status change

lately things have come to a big change. my wife and i have been working on her visa status change to a permanent resident since about january of this year. we recently got some news about her status that might delay things. at this time since we don't know the complete status i will be conservative about what i say.

after going through this process thus far, i am developing more reason and feelings of why i would rather live in korea. of course i have had several trips to korea and only lived there for a year, but i still have a compasionate interest in life in korea....and i have since i was 9 years young. after this whole ordeal passes i am positive we will both know truly what we want in life and where we would like to do so.

we have spoken to many people to give advice about the whole visa status change and it seems that no one really have a set answer for us. everyone's case is different and that is what makes it tough. we will see how things play out over the weekend and will pray for the best.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

list of korean blogs

went surfin today and found a nice wave. check it out...the korean blog list