Friday, December 26, 2008

Going to The University of Delaware!

after much anticipated wait...the decision is finally in... i was accepted into the graduate (MS) sports medicine program at the university of delaware! this was the only school that i applied to from a list of about 7 schools of which i was interested in. UD was the only school that would allow me to begin classes for the spring term which was a big plus. the professor that i have been in contact with also was quite interested in me doing research there and above all things that was really important. included in the good news is a full tuition remission and a great stipend for being a graduate assistant athletic trainer (most likely at a local private high school in wilmington DE). i am really looking forward to beginning studies there as the professor i am looking to work with has a considerate interest in concussions and has done his research from a more biomechanical approach.

my interest for research in concussions is from a biomechanics standpoint and i look forward to getting into that.

the program begins on february 9th 2009 and the wife and i will be making the cross country trip on the 28th of january.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

grad school application complete!

after a stressful day of waiting and meeting deadlines yesterday, i am proud to say that the last recommendation letter has been turned in to university of delaware. the other deadline met was the abstract submission for the 2009 NATA free communications peer reviewed track. with both deadlines met i can sit back a bit and....yes....continue to wait! with half the battle done i am still anxious, just waiting for results from both institutions (nata & university of delaware).

i was greeted with an email from the main professor of whom i am hoping to work with at UD, informing me that they had downloaded the last of my application documents and would be contacting me "shortly" of their decision. with as much contact as i have had with the program at UD and informative dialogue exchange with the professors i couldn't imagine a poor result. however, i don't see my application as completely competitive in comparison to other applicants. the advantage to applying for the spring term is my thought that there are no other applicants that i would be in competition with! however, as a program director i would thing they have to look at the long term spectrum of applicants (fall applicants) and make a good decision with consideration of that.

the other event of waiting involves the nata abstract submission. my concussion research began during the winter of 2006 and we have finally come to the opportunity to bring things to a bit of a close. if all things go well and my abstract is accepted then i will have the opportunity to present the abstract at the nata national convention in san antonio during the month of june. i will be waiting the result at the edge of my seat!

Friday, November 21, 2008

used oriental medical books for sale

Every oriental medical book you will need for graduate studies in oriental medicine, herbology and acupuncture.

Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Revised Edition). Deng Liangyue et al. 2006. ($20.00)

The Foundations of Chinese Medicine Second Edition. Giovanni Maciocia. 2005 ($75.00)

A Manual of Acupuncture. Peter Deadman, Mazin Al-Khafaji, Kevin Baker. 2007 ($100.00)

Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica 3rd Edition. Dan Bensky, Steven Clavey, Erich Stoger. 2004 ($100)

Essentials of Chinese Medicine Materia Medica. Dafang Zeng. 2003. ($30.00)

Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas & Strategies. Dan Bensky, Randall Barolet. 1990. ($80.00)

A Manual of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Warner JW Fan MD. 1996. ($20.00)

Chinese Herbal Medicine. Daniel P. Reid. 1993. ($20.00)

Oriental Materia Medica - A Concise Guide. Hong Yen Hsu et al. 1986 ($40.00)

The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine. Maoshing Ni. 1995. ($5.00)

The Web That Has No Weaver - Understanding Chinese Medicine. TEd J. Kaptchuck. 2000. ($10.00)

A Tooth From the Tiger's Mouth. Tom Bisio. ($5.00)

Call Gabriel 541-908-1051

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 1: Data Input

spent about 5 or so hours putting some demographic data into an excel spreadsheet and then copying and pasting the data to an SPSS data sheet. went through each athlete questionnaire (256 total ) just putting in numbers and actually felt a sense of pride doing so. after starting this project in the winter of 2006 and finally getting on the computer again to get the project close to finished started to feel good.

things will really feel good when the result of winning the undergraduate poster presentation at the nata convention is set.

data analysis begins! analysis for my concussion research is on the table! downloaded a trial period of SPSS 17.0 which should suffice for data entry until the december 1 deadline for nata abstract submission.

today i will just be entering in demographic data and once i have a better idea of how to input data for all of the questionnaire responses then i can get doing that.

wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

application out!

after "making the switch" to going back to sports medicine studies I can really say I am quite excited to get things(studies) started. i finally got all my application materials electronically submitted to the university of delaware just over the weekend. i am actually waiting for two profs to turn in letters of recommendation and then the application will be 100% complete.

UD sounds like a good place to be as there is one professor who is actively participating in studies in relation to concussion in sports. i spoke with him a few weeks ago and he was quite enthusiastic about getting me on board to participate in graduate studies and to contribute to research. he also spoke of the possibility to continue doctoral studies at UD. at this point i wouldnt mind going through doctoral studies, especially if it is a place that will support my interest in concussion research.

my current interest with concussions is within the sport of taekwondo. as an olympic sport and one that is ever growing, i see it as a great avenue for continued research.

looking forward to the admission committee results. program starts in february 2009.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

graduate athletic training studies: the switch

after many nights of wrestling in my bed with thoughts opposed to the study of oriental medicine, i have decided to go back the other athletic training in graduate school.

during my junior year at oregon state i had the idea to begin research in concussion assessment and management protocols in taekwondo. through writing funding proposals, analyzing previous research, designing questionnaires and other documents used to collect data...i realized where my interest in learning and passion is.

after one year of studying the basic theory and other intermediate courses in oriental medicine, i have realized that the studies in OM may be vigorous....only if one approaches their studies in that way. graduate programs in oriental medicine are not the equivalent of a master's level education in comparison to other disciplines of study, whether it be english studies, history, biology, economics, human physiology or the like. in most graduate level programs of any study, students are expected to continue the skills of learning (studying text books, memorizing information) but to also critically review and analyze research and concepts. graduate students in "normal" graduate programs also are most likely expected to participate in research with department faculty or even design and conduct research of their own personal interests.

graduate OM programs on the other hand do not have this atmosphere and opportunity to explore at a higher level than undergraduate education.

with all this said, i have decided to continue graduate studies in athletic training and will be applying to a handful of graduate programs in athletic training and/or sports medicine. my future goal is to continue doing research (hopefully in taekwondo) and participate in the academic world of education at the university level. my desire is to be a faculty member at a university in south korea.

with the growing athletic training education community in korea, the opportunity to be apart of an athletic training education program is sprouting.

within the next few months i will be taking gre and the boc exam for athletic training....hope to do well.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

change of colors: with electrical tape

a few weeks ago i was considering the possibility of painting my bike. i always tell myself that i dont have enough time for this or that...and same with painting my bike i convinced myself that painted was out of the question...for now.

while looking on the web i found a guy who covered his bike with orange electrical tape and was satisfied with the results. I got to thinking that it would be cheaper (about 8 bucks) to buy some tape at home depot and also a bit quicker.

yesterday i finally went to home depot and picked up two rolls of white electrical tape and went to work. after about 2 hours i had a white bike. i didnt take the bike apart and tape it but rather just maneuvered my way around the crank, brakes and wheels. i did however take off the front and back wheels to ease my taping a bit.

in the end i have now been faced with the new beginnings of a white bike. the photo looks better than the bike itself up close and in person, but from a distance it can easily be mistaken as a painted white bike.

I hope to change things up with white rims or even just convince myself to paint it actually white one of these days.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2008 taekwondo nationals: detroit

this post is way late but i thought i'd atleast get a bit of a write up on how things went in detroit for the 2008 us national taekwondo championships.

I flew in from LA by way of philly to detroit at around 10:30 in the evening. had a couple other medical volunteers waiting at the airport for me and we made our way to the hotel. i think i went up to my room, put my bags in and met the rest of the team in the lobby cafe to have a beer (non alchy of course).

the next day started early, as did the rest of the week, around 7:30 in the am i think. the rest of the week had a fair share of metacarpal/tarsal fractures and a number of concussions. more concussions seemed to spring up out of the junior division (not any help for numbers in my research) but better safe than anything.

it was a fun time working with the bare sports medicine crew and i look forward to some more outings at tournaments and nights at the bars throwin down non alchy beers. next stop: TKD at Sea. yes at sea...we will be on a cruise ship for a good week and will bill docking in some area in baja norte california mexico.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

killer bike event at bicycle kitchen

the wife and i decided to make our way over to the bicycle kitchen in hopes of landing a nice bike for her. little did we know there was a bike event going on just in front of the kitchen which included an amazing show by a well known german cycle trickster. this lady was doing headstands on her seat and all sorts of unbelievable stunts on her was simply amazing.

there is a rising cycle culture in the LA area and i think im getting swept off my feet. the beauty of the custom bikes that a lot of these riders put together is pretty cool. my bike, made from scatch, will hopefully soon be another berry in the patch.

also, as i was caught up in the mix of checking out new parts for my bike, i surfed by this blog and this blog from korea...seems like this blogger is in bangkok...interesting to see cycle culture all over the world. also found this webpage (the bike )for biking in korea

Thursday, June 26, 2008

taekwondo comercial: lopez fam

i dont watch tv a whole lot but recently noticed a new at&t commercial featuring the lopez family (minus mark).

im not gonna say its an amazing commercial, but it sure is pretty tight to see the lopez family getting attention and most of all promoting the sport of taekwondo. we're a long ways from having the attention that golf and tennis have but its a start. the more gold medals in taekwondo for team usa means more publicity and more money....

check out the commercial posted on youtube;

Saturday, June 21, 2008

athletic training volunteer at nationals

i was contacted by bare essentials sports medicine about a month ago to help provide medical services at the 2008 US national taekwondo championship in detroit michigan. i am really excited to be a part of the medical team as i have now helped out at 4 national tkd events within the past few years and being apart of the tkd community is a great pleasure of mine.

along with helping the medical team out, i will be collecting concussion data at the event to include in my research. this time i will be collecting questionaires from the other medical personnel as well as epidemiological data on concussions at the games.

so far i have collected data at two other tournaments in korea and plan to make a comparison of the data collected between the states and korea.

in october i will also be accompanying the sports medical team on the "tkd at sea" tournament this october. i have plans to collect the same data at that time.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

my cousin signed with the boston red sox

my cousin, stephen fife, was picked 85th overall in the 3rd round of the MLB baseball draft by the boston red sox. he's a right handed pitcher from boise idaho and just finished his junior year at university of utah.

I remember the good ol' days in boise during the summers when stephen, chris (older bro) and i would play pickle in the front yard. now look at him, if he's really got things rollin his way, he could find himself on the mound at fenway park.

i wish him the best and hope to see him on tv one of these days

Friday, June 6, 2008

old blog on north korea

while looking for the image for the visa post i found this blog on north korea. i didn't get a good look at it but there are some good pictures and interesting information.

when i get some more time i am sure i will waste some on the website.

wife's visa status change

lately things have come to a big change. my wife and i have been working on her visa status change to a permanent resident since about january of this year. we recently got some news about her status that might delay things. at this time since we don't know the complete status i will be conservative about what i say.

after going through this process thus far, i am developing more reason and feelings of why i would rather live in korea. of course i have had several trips to korea and only lived there for a year, but i still have a compasionate interest in life in korea....and i have since i was 9 years young. after this whole ordeal passes i am positive we will both know truly what we want in life and where we would like to do so.

we have spoken to many people to give advice about the whole visa status change and it seems that no one really have a set answer for us. everyone's case is different and that is what makes it tough. we will see how things play out over the weekend and will pray for the best.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

list of korean blogs

went surfin today and found a nice wave. check it out...the korean blog list

Saturday, May 31, 2008

새로운 자전거 바퀴 / new wheel

오늘 아침 수업이 끝나고 자전거 부억에 가서 다른 바퀴를 바꿨다. 처음에 부억에 들어가서 30분이나 1시간 일이 있다고 생각했는데 3시간 일이 생겼다. 아마 10분도안 바퀴를 찾다가 프랑스에서 만든 마빅 mavic 바퀴를 찾았다. 그 바퀴가 조금 드러워서 깨끗하게 씻고 옛날 타이어를 바꾸가지고 더 좋은 걸로 조립했다.

마빅 타이어를 바꾼후에 집으로 가면서 바귀가 조금 제한한것같았다. 3시간동안 일하고있어서 그냥 바로 집에 가고싶었으니까 다시 가개로 가서 바퀴를 고치하는걸 힘들었다. 내일이나 월요일에 다시 고칠것이다.

after my morning class i went to the bicycle kitchen and changed my front wheel. when i first came into the kitchen i thought i would only be there for 30 minutes to and hour but ended up staying there four about 3 hours. for about 10 minutes i looked for a wheel and found a french mavic wheel. the wheel was a bit dirty so i just cleaned it up a bit and changed the old tire for a better one.

after i changed the wheel i made my way home and noticed the wheel felt a littled restricted. since i was working on the bike for about 3 hours i just felt like heading home and decided to work on it tomorrow or monday.

Friday, May 30, 2008

한국어 일기: 자전거

오늘 부터 한국어 일기 연습 할것이다.

지금 미국에서 한국어 수업 못들어서 가끔 블로그에서 쓰면 좋은 방법이라고 생각한다. 한달전부터 자전거를 조립하고있었다. 어젯밤에 모든 고친걸 끝났다. 그리고 오늘은 집에서 학교까지 처음 탄 경헙이 있었다. 요즘에 기름 값이 너무 비싸서 기름을 넣는거 너무 실망했으니까 오늘 자전거를 탈수있어서 너무 좋았다. 아침에 일찍 일어나서 산타몬이카로 운전하고 자전거 가개에서 헬메트와 자전거 안전 등와 자물쇠도 샀다.

학교까지 타면서 조금 무서웠다. 엘레이는 자전거 거리 하나도 없고 자전거 타는 사람들이 별로 없어서 차를 운전하는 사람들이 생각없이 운전하니까 무서웠다. 오렛동안 운동을 안해서 쓰지않은 근육이 힘이 없었다. 위트레피지어스와 앞허벅지도 제일 힘들었다.

아직도 자전거 바꾸고싶은거 있다. 헨들바 하고 페인트도 조립할거있다. 헨들바가 테이프 페딩이 없어서 보기도 조금 이상하고 손에게 조금 안좋다. 오늘 자기전에 헨들바 테이프를 넣을것이다. 그리고 이번주나 학기가 끝아면 자전거 색갈이 바꿀것같아.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

the bike is done!

went in to the bicycle kitchen at 6:30 this evening and got out at 9:30 sharp with a bike in hand. today was my third time working on the bike and i think 10 hours was invested into putting the bike together...oh and i got a parking ticket just outside the bike shop. so in total the total monetary cost for the bike compilation was 130 bucks...but if you count the ticket then about 175$.

i just got back from a little ride around the neighborhood. the ride seems pretty smooth in my book but since i havent ridden too many real nice bikes my judgement may not be so great. feels good to get on a bike and feel my muscles get set in place. since moving to LA all i do is sit at home, study, and nothing much more active than a walk to the park a few times a week. i could feel my upper trapezius muscle group waking up and can tell that will be an area that will get stronger as time goes by. i got a feeling that the handle bars may need to be adjusted up higher since i bend forward a bit when riding. i will bring it by the shop tomorrow and ask some workers what they thing about the handle bar position. but one thing i know is that the feel of the ride and its comfort is up to i most likely will be adjusting the bars.

also in concern to the bars, i think i might shave the under loop of the bars since i most likely will not be needing to brace down so low for riding...also its kinda a nice look that i have seen these days. a few things i think might be nice to do is to paint the bike...maybe white since it might be a more visible and to also change the front wheel size to a 27 instead of the 50 or so size (not sure of the size..maybe 57 or something).

also at this point a helmet, lights and a bike lock are musts. i think those will be the first few things i pick up tomorrow. putting money into the bike now feels a bit steep but i am sure it will pay off since i wont be filling up my tank as much.

to pursue a doctoral???

I'm laying here in bed and can't seem to stop thinking about future things. I think that since my research is taking off again my interest to get tied in with studies in korea are arrising. For the past couple days I have had the idea/ambition to do a doctoral degree in sports medicine in Korea. For a few years now I have wanted to help spread the studies of athletic training in Korea, especially within the tae kwon do arena. It would really be a dream come true to do a PhD program in Korea, especially using Korean language. I think the ultimate thing would be to be a proffesor of sports med in korea. I also still think my studies in oriental medicine will be a real plus when it comes to understanding medicine in general from a Korean perspective.

one school in particular that i have interest in is hyung hee university. i first visited KHU in the summer of 2006 while doing my concussion research. while at a taekwondo tournament in taekbaek i met the student athletic trainer for the KHU taekwondo team. we had dinner together while in taebaek and he invited me to visit his school and meet his fellow classmates who were all sports med majors. meeting all of the korean students studying athletic training was quite impressive. the students were studying from the same arnheim's principles of athletic training book that i was and when we spoke about athletic training things we all had a common line of understanding. i really will be praying that god will provide a way for me to teach sports medicine in korea.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

concussion research in korea

now that my research is finally getting back onto the burner i thought now might be a good time to share some photos that i took while in korea during the past two research trips.

my first trip (summer 2006) was more of an observational research experience that allowed me to see what was needed in order to successfully conduct the research that was done during the summer of 2007. during the summer of 2006 i was able to go to just one tournament which was held in taebaek city.

in september of 2007 i finally made my second trip and attended two tournaments. one of the tournaments was actually broadcasted on tv and featured city and pro teams. the second tournament was held in sokcho city on the east coast of korea. i was in sokcho for about 5 days and experienced some interesting things. at this point i will keep details to a minimum since my research has not been concluded.

take a look a a few of the pictures that i uploaded on flickr

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

continuation of concussion research in taekwondo

the above photo is from the 2004 olympics when moon dae sung knocked out an athlete from greece

in winter of 2006 i began a research project concerning the concussions management and assessment protocols of medical personnel at taekwondo tournaments in korea. i made my first trip to korea for data collection during the summer of 2006. my first trip was about 6 weeks.

during the six week trip i worked on translation (with friends) and revision of the questionnaires and injury report that i was to use. before leaving to korea, my research advisor and i applied for IRB approval for research.

when i went back to korea this last summer i went to two tournaments and had about 6 medical personnel complete questionnaires about how they handled concussion cases. about 100 questionnaires were also distributed to athletes. the athletes answered questions about their experience in taekwondo concerning injury, especially head injury.

since i came back from korea this last summer i have not done anything related to the research. not too long ago i received an email from IRB informing me to renew my research approval. so yesterday i finally contacted my research advisor and he was enthusiastic to continue helping me with my research.

ultimately i think when my research when published (if accepted) will have provided me with the opportunity to learn about research process and most of all about how to learn and interact with another person in a scholarly environment.

i hope to finish things soon

Monday, May 26, 2008

traditional korean music

i just ran across a webpage that includes a good selection of traditional korean music.

my interest with traditional korean music pretty much began after i purchased some music from the itunes store. the album that i purchased is called " four thousand years of korean folk music" which includes a few tracks of pansori판소리 and gayageum가야금.

the music on "music from korea" is directly accessible from the website without any cost or signing up for services.

i have only listened to a few tracks listed under kim soo chul 김수철 who i am not too sure about. i didn't do much searching but did come across one artist who seems to be a well known guitarist.

when i get some more time i will look into who exactly kim soo chul is. in the meantime take a listen to some of the good old traditional tunes

just found korea blogs

with a week of midterm exams and one final physics exam i still end up searching blogs and listening to podcasts. two blogs that i have found today have connections with "scribblings of the metropolitician" from where i have listened to several pod casts including seoulglow video casts (also available from scribblings of the metropolitician). two other blogs include "where the hell am i" and "seoul cast".

included in these blogs are posts concerning political and cultural information about korea. at this point one of the most interesting things for me is the podcasts. even without physically sitting down with the bloggers i feel i am right there with them in the restaurants and cafes that they meet at. listening to the podcasts is a great way to stay connected to current issues concerning korean.

im still finding a good time where i can make some videos of myself speaking korean. i hope that the videos will provide other people studying korean an opportunity to find mistakes that i make and things that they catch that might be a verbal skill that they can work on. once the videos i make are ready they will most likely be best accessible through youtube.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


lately i seem to find myself clicking through several websites and various blogs. in particular my eyes lead me to blogs on topics concerning korea.

one blog i visit everyday is Marmot's Hole. it is arguably the most popular blog on all things korea. after listening to an interview of the host from marmot's hole i have began to re-think my purpose in blogging. like many people exploring the vast land of the internet, i too have a specific interest (korean things) and would like to help inform others about that interest.

the internet is quite amazing in that it provides all people with internet access with almost any type of information.

i think my main interests are within korean language, the korean way of tea, taekwondo and many other things korean. although i have been studying things medical since college, my interests which seem to take over my thinking and time on the internet are clearly korean.

as i continue to attempt postings i am sure my focus will be more focused.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NATA Board Exam

it has been about a year since i finished my undergrad studies at oregon state university. i actually had one more course to receive credit for (physics) and am now in the last weeks of physics at los angeles community college. once that credit is locked in then i will be on my way to taking the board exam for the national certification in athletic training to get my ATC.

i actually found out that i could have taken the board exam last summer even though my physics credit was not counted for. i took someone's word for it that i had to have that credit for physics prior to taking the board exam. anyways, there are some dates available in july and also in august of this year. i will take a good solid two weeks of just purely athletic training studies and possibly a test prep course if available before the exam.

my hope is to (after certified) apply for a position at a sports medicine clinic to continue my practice in therapy and physical examination. also, if i land a position at a clinic it will give me a better look at getting into the steadman hawkins athletic training fellowship. i plan on applying for the fellowship once my oriental medicine studies are complete (about a year and half from now).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 2 Bike Restoration

Day two was back on the 5th of may but since then the bike restoration has been put on the back burner since some mid term exams have been the priority.

Day two was quite successful as i added two new wheels with tires, a "flip-flop" pedaling system, front breaks (rear to come), pedals and that seems to be it.  after the first day of real working on the bike it really looked like a great bike.  I came in a couple days later to try and put the breaks together but had some difficulty finding the right components.  The other thing i found is that when the crank was first put on, i used the wrong bolt. i was told by another volunteer at the bicycle kitchen that that also should be taken care of.  

i will hopefully get one day of work in this week.  I have one final exam this week and should hopefully get in to work on it by at least saturday.  with gas prices not giving, i am quite curious to see how my pocket might open up once the bike riding begins.  another hope is to increase my cardiovascular health from riding.  i know LA doesnt have the cleanest air but some activity is better than none

Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 1: Bike Restoration

Today will be the first day of the bike restoration.  The shop opens at 12 noon and I was told to arrive a bit early to get a good spot in the shop to work on the bike.  I will most likely work on the bike for a couple hours as i have an afternoon class...still in the internal debate as to whether i will attend my afternoon class.  

Photo updates to come...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

1973 Red Raleigh Super Course

Since no one reads this blog I will just treat today's posting as a journal entry concerning my new (first) bike entry. I will include a progressive text and image update as I begin and continue working on my new bike.

I recently went to the bicycle kitchen on vermont avenue in los angeles just south of LACC. After some casual chit chat with one of the volunteers i got pointed in the direction of a 70s model of a red raliegh super course. I will be going into the shop tomorrow to start working on it and hope to finish as quick as possible.

The handle bars that are already on the bike are Sakae Road Champion (Randonneur bend) bars.  at this time im not sure if i will need to swap those bars for another. im also interested in the flat bar. not so sure how the flat bar feels while riding so i will weight my options.

the included picture was taken from my cell phone so the quality isnt great but it gives a first look.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Korean Way of Tea

About three years ago i was given a tea set from a church where i taught english in korea. the tea set resembled a traditional korean tea set but had modern print design. while in the states, i began developing a liking to drinking green tea and stumbled across a book "The Korean Way of Tea" by Brother Anthony of Taize and Hong Kyeong-Hee. Finally, this last august, i was able to meet with Brother Anthony in korea to enjoy a cup of green tea in his office. he kindly informed me of where to buy a good traditional tea set along with where to find some good green tea. since purchasing my tea set in korea, my interest and enjoyment of drinking korean green tea has blossomed. The book may be purchased at or other useful information can be seen on Brother Anthony's personal webpage.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Audio Dictations of Acupuncture Point Locations

Included are audio files with descriptions of acupuncture point locations. The text used for description was:
"Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion" by Cheng Xinnong Seventh Printing 2006.

I have also found it quite helpful to flip through Peter Deadman's, "A Manual of Acupuncture" Second Edition 2007. The illustrations from Deadman's book along with the audio provide a good visual-audio learning alternative.

My instructors tell me and other students to follow CAM's point descriptions since they are apparently what is used for the board exam (Lac.).